First Round of Boot Camp

My first round of boot camp was not only a physical challenge but a mental challenge as well.  2 weeks into boot camp I was battling shin splints.  Every time I headed out for a boot camp session I had to work up the courage to show up.  I had a big fear of failure.  I also am 41 years old and I expect my body to act like it did when it was 20.  No surprise, it doesn’t.  After couching it for 10 years, my body was in lazy mode so getting it to go has been a challenge.

I admit I missed a couple of sessions last fall, I was afraid of the pain and failure to myself.  Boot camp is being part of a team or as we say a family and sometimes I felt like I was letting my team down.  What I recognized was I was letting myself down by not going out and doing the best I can for me.  In my first session, I realized what a wonderful support system Outer Banks Boot Camps has built up for everyone.   I needed to let the team support me in my journey when I am struggling and sometimes that is hard to do. I also need to believe in me and know that the change will happen.

I do recall one tough day when I had to run and carry a board running down the beach with 3 other amazing ladies.  I was not happy to have to run with others, I didn’t want to slow them down.  I was embarrassed, and I cried a lot that morning.   Amy, Suzanne and Betsy were amazing.  They did not make me feel bad, they talked to me, encouraged me and let me know that it was okay as I was apologizing and having them slow down and even take quick breaks to catch my breath.  It was a big day for me to have to lean on others, and to have such kindness and positive energy sent my way.  So a big thanks to everyone for the love and support that you send my way every day, I appreciate it and it does go a long way with me to keep me motivated.

Since this was this past fall, I can’t recall all our training events but I do know a fire was lit inside me.  A need to get healthy, make time for me, and find a way to make exercise a way of life and not just a past time.   As we say in OBBC, I drank the kool-aid and I want some more!

I have to head to bed now, have a boot camp session in the morning.  I hope to catch you up to what is happening currently so I can start sharing some boot camp adventures.


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