Card’s Anyone? January 31, 2012

Showing up to Boot Camp is still part of the challenge for me. It is more a fear of the unknown, then it is a fear of I can’t do it. I know if I show up, I will work hard, I will sweat, and I will feel personal pride in participating and taking on the mornings challenge. I am not sure if this feeling goes away, but at this time I like to think of it as adrenaline before a race. It helps me to stay on the ready!

Today’s task involved a warm-up run and then a deck of cards. All face cards would be a sprint or in my case a jog around the building. All other cards were all about the abdomens. Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades. Looking back, I am having a hard time remembering what went with what. This is how it worked. Adam threw down a card – say a 5 of hearts – we would then do 5 crunches. The others were, straight sit-ups, sit-ups with crossing over and flutter kicks. Whatever the number was that is how many abdominal exercises we did. When a face card came up it was up and around the building. While the team waited for everyone to return (usually me) they would then do planks, walking, and another form of exercise.

We did 16 laps around the building in the course of an hour on top of the abdominal exercises. If I took the time to mentally count I could figure out the exact number of sit-ups, but just participating is enough for me. It isn’t a number thing for me, it is a pushing through and completing the task we have to accomplish that morning.  When I reached the next level in my training, I will be more focused on numbers right now I just want to work towards getting in shape.

I have to say, every time a deck of cards is whipped out at boot camp I wonder what kind of game is in store for the morning. I love that it makes it interesting, even if it is tough! When it comes to exercise, it is better to be challenged then bored!


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