Reflection -Steel Magnolia Graduation : November 22, 2011 – Boot Camp

The big day-my first Outer Banks Boot Camp Graduation, just 6 weeks from when I took on the challenge to better myself.  Graduation day is a big deal, and it is also AMAZING.   For every graduation we run to the Wright Brothers National Memorial.  What is nice, is alumni come to join us on our run and the group flows with positive energy and support.

Our graduation consisted of a run on the beach to the memorial, we stopped to take pictures, have a small ceremony and then back to the beach.  It is a 4 mile run, and running on the sand is quite the experience.

Beginning of the run to the Memorial – already getting a friendly tap.
Heading up the hill, focused and receiving words of encouragement.
Almost to the top!
Steel Magnolias
Moment to reflect…and happy to be resting!

Now that we have completed our graduation, it is time to head back to the beach and finish!  My shin splints are nagging at me, but let’s go!

Barefoot Running – Christine and Kati

I had a tough time on the way back, Christine encouraged me all the way and even ran barefoot with me when I said “let’s get rid of the shoes maybe it will help!”  This is a picture right before we finished.  Notice, I am smiling and I have to say I just love everyone that is a part of Boot Camp, they only want to see you succeed.

Matt Costa & Jay Bowman

What can I say about these two incredible men?  They coach us, believe in us, support us, encourage us, motivate us and keep us all coming back for more!   They are what makes us Outer Banks Boot Camp, with our coaches and all the team members we have become one large family.


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