Yes – I am Thankful

This is a repost from November 2011 from my business blog at Your Assistant Lisa

I am thankful for so much in my life.  This has been a turnaround year for me.  First – with graduating from college in the spring.  Second – starting my own business.  Third – realizing how important it is to get my health back on track after placing it on the back seat for the last ten years.

I have had my husbands support through all of this and he is my number one support on my most important mission of exercise and weight loss.  He supports me with love, encouragement and yes he even lets me whine a little about my never-ending shin-splints.  My family is so important to me and the last couple of years have been an uphill battle.  It seems we are heading down a winding road now (no-one said life was easy!)  The good thing about this winding road is we are a team and I am thankful we face everything as a team.

My husband and I

“The great secret of successful marriage is to treat all disasters as incidents and none of the incidents as disasters.”

— Sir Harold George Nicolson

When I think of teams another image comes to mind these days and it is Outer Banks Beach Boot Camps For the last 6 weeks I have been a part of this extremely special group of folks.  I now know why people join, why they stay and why the continue to come back for more.  Matt and Jay are one of a kind – you can’t find that kind of leadership and support from that many people.  We are lucky to have at least two on our special island.  The group that is a part of Outer Banks Boot Camps is one welcoming group of people.  I am not usually motivated to hug people or cry after a work-out but I have been moved to this level more than once.

I graduated from my first boot camp this past Tuesday and encountered a difficult run.  I was the last one to the top of the monument and the last one back, but at no point was I ever alone.  I always had someone by my side offering me positive support, patience and belief in me.  They inspire me to be better, to do better, to get to the next level.  I want to be able to pass on the love that they have shared with me!

On Thursday (Thanksgiving Day-2011) – we ran the Outer Banks 5k Gobbler.  I was nervous about this run, but I was in it to complete it!  I was not able to stay with the group for long, but that’s okay my goal was to finish.  About halfway through I passed my fellow boot-campers running the other way.  They were cheering for me, and one person stepped out of the line to run with me.  WOW – someone I haven’t met just turned around to support me, how cool is that?!

I can’t say the run was easy – I continue to have a personal battle with my mind over my shins and right now my shins seem to be taking over.  Paul who ran with me, took the time to show me some stretches, encouraged me to keep running and kept me smiling and laughing through the rest of the race.  Of course, he seemed to have the famous quote that I always hear from Matt (it’s just around the corner!)  I swear there are lots of long corners in the Outer Banks!!!

I have to say I was thankful for Paul yesterday who took the time to think of someone else who was just beginning a boot-camp journey.   He did mention in no time I would be ready for the Flying Pirate Half-Marathon…we will just have to see (but if I do that Paul I am going to have a picture taken with you!)

I am writing about this because my experience of this past week has been with me and still on my mind.  My emotions are strong and full of love.  This is not just a fitness camp, it is life changing and doable for anyone that will make the time for it.  So yes, I am thankful, for my family, friends and my new family Outer Banks  Boot Camps.  I look forward to the path I am taking with you and the changes I see in me now and the change I will see in me in the future!  Thank you for all the support and love and I will see you at the next camp!


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