January 5th, 2012-First Day of 2nd Boot Camp

First day of my 2nd boot camp.  Let’s say, I was sick to my stomach.  Mad at myself for skipping a boot camp and having to start all over again.  Nervous, because I was worried about shin splints, running, being cold and any other mental block I could put in my head.  I knew the rule, just show up, try your best and look to your team for help.

I showed up at 6:55 a.m. and saw some friendly boot camper faces and also had some welcoming hugs which I needed for mental strength!

We were told to grab a 10 lb weight and line up outside.  Then I discovered we were to run with these weights.  Now 1. I struggle with running, 2. I have a herniated disk in my lower back and I was  not sure how running with a hand weight will affect my lower back.  I wasn’t crazy about running with a weight, but I thought I would give it a try.

As we started down the road and I slowly fell back, I realized that running with a hand weight was not going to work for me.  Christine was kind enough to take the weight for me and send it off in a car, which was the wrong thing to do.  Turns out we needed the weight for our drills at the local church.  Whoops!  I heard an earful, but I did deserve it and it doesn’t hurt me to hear fussing.

Made it to the church with a little walking thrown in from me.  Overall I did run more than walk which was an accomplishment over the first boot camp.  I then heard our drill would be, situps, run, squats with weights, run, squats and then run all the way back and do it again.  There was a number sequence that we repeated where the amounts went down and when we finished we started the fun all over again.  One thing I have to say is it is boot camp for a reason, I know what I signed up for and all I need to do is hang in there if I can’t do everything.  Eventually I hope to do everything and excel but just doing and moving works for me.

After we finished we ran back to the gym.  One exhausted Mom, but I was happy that I started my first day of Boot Camp.  Now off to soak in the tub and recharge before getting on with the day.


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