Bootcamp Day 2 – Red Solo Cup

Started my morning at 4:30 by yelling at my alarm clock to shut-up!  Not much of a morning person, can you tell?  I finally figured out how to turn off the noise and in the process woke up my husband, whoops!  I will do better next Monday.  I headed to the kitchen for peanut butter and sliced bannana so I would have the fuel I needed for the morning.

Bootcamp starts at 5:30, so I arrived by 5:15.  The funny thing is – when I went to 7:00 bootcamp, I was always there at the last-minute.  I may not like the early time, but somehow it works for me.

We started our morning with a walk/jog to the beach.  We were then handed 2 red solo cups – cheers!  I have to say, it is amazing how much exercise and strength training can involve a red solo cup.  First – fill up with sand and hold the cup in front of you for a bit.  (I have no idea how long) then raise the solo cups above your head.  Yes, my arms shook, but I was determined.

Next take your cups and run to a house down the beach (in the deep sand) and come on back to your team.  At this point it was a battle of my mind – Yes, I can do this.  Next, was when the fun began.  We worked as teams to fill up the buckets with sand by running and crawling. (several drills)   Then we did some push ups.  Next it was time to fill up the buckets with water from the ocean.  The whole morning was a challenge, but the whole time I was having fun!  We  threw in 81 squats and some lengthy solo cup lifts and the morning was finished…it went by FAST!

Think about it, these are activities are children would do without even batting an eye.  As adults we forget that exercise can be fun.  I am sore from head to toe right now, but this morning still brings a smile to my face and pride.  I was proud of myself and every person that took on the challenge this morning.  It is something to see all the heart that is in this group.  Inspires me to do better.  I can’t wait to see what Monday brings, I know tomorrow will bring lunchtime kickboxing with some of my favorite people!

In honor of my Bootcamp morning with Outer Banks Bootcamps – Toby Keith “Red Solo Cup”


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