Week 2 in the Books!

Wow – it has been a great boot camp week!  Monday morning boot camp started with a power walk/with some running mixed in around Kitty Hawk.  I have no idea how far we walked but it was all over!  We then started with Matt’s version of Couch to 5k with running when told and and then slowing down to a walk.  We then ran to a local church parking lot where the work began.

We used our backpack and started a interval training workout where we moved our backpack then ran back and forth.  When that was completed we did sit-ups, burpess, and squats.  Then back to the interval training drill.

photo credit:  Courtney Hathaway (I’m the one in all black, purple backpack and Pink Headband)

photo credit:  Courtney Hathaway 

After 75 minutes of fun and hard work we headed back to Knuckle-up to head home.  Our homework was to track whatever we put into our mouth until our Wednesday boot camp.  I felt the workout the rest of the day, but I was invigorated!

Wednesday – April 25

This was our 2nd boot camp for the week and today was a beach day.  The weather was in the 50’s and the water temperature was 64 degrees.  We headed up the beach for a morning of walking, running, hopping, crawling, back-pedaling, push-ups, jumping jacks, kickbacks, lunging, and time running and dipping in the water.  It’s amazing when you are in the moment you are just trying to do your best and listen for instructions.

I did have one person that my heart went out to this morning. (She knows who she is!)   Her spirit was strong and if she could do everything in the amount of pain she was in, then that meant I could do everything without complaint.  When it comes to boot camp you work individually on your journey but at the same time you are a team.  You feel inspiration from others and you hope that you can encourage others to move towards their goals.  Today this amazing person was my inspiration, I am sorry you were hurting and I am happy to hear you are going to rest.

Another shout-out needs to go to my friend that joined me in this boot camp  adventure.  She had some challenges last week and still was able to make it to boot camp!  She has great spirit and a positive attitude.  For us folks that don’t like to get up that early in the morning just getting out of bed is the first challenge.  I am also impressed by every person that join boot camp and is giving it their all!  That’s the hard part, showing up!

What a great week 2, and I can’t wait to head to week 3.  Thank you Outer Banks Bootcamps and all the fabulous coaches.

photo credit:  Christine McMaster Da Mosta


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