Bootcamp Week 3 – Day 2

Oh Holy Hill, or in my thought process oh hell!  This morning’s bootcamp was one I was nervous about.  For my bootcamp graduation in November 2011, Holy Hill otherwise known as Wright Brothers National Memorial Park was a hill I did not look forward to running.

At the end of my first bootcamp graduation, the hill took all I had to make it to the top.  You can tell how I feel by the look on my face.  After that graduation, I was terrified to go back.  I wasn’t sure I could and I also did not believe in myself.

During my 2nd bootcamp I had problems with my back and the day before we were supposed to train at the monument I skipped Holy Hill.  Part of the reason I did not attend that day was my back was acting up and causing me quite a bit a difficulty, a smaller part was a lack of belief in me.

Yes, I needed to take time for my back and let it rest but at that time I was disappointed in me that I didn’t believe in me and the ability I have to succeed.  This headed me back into Outer Banks Bootcamps Plus along with a different mindset.  I CAN DO THIS!  My mind has taken a hold of my ability to succeed and my fear is no longer winning.

This morning was a fantastic challenging morning.  I kind of had an idea of our challenge this morning when we were instructed to bring 4 canned goods in our backpack.  After we showed up, we also loaded our backpacks with several bottles of water.

We then headed to the top of the monument.  At one point I was walking up the hill when I heard Matt Costa Yell – Lisa Nicholson get up that hill, you have been here before!  No hiding now!  I think my exact thoughts were oh hell!  Guess I better get moving!   So I did my best to run up the hill, told my mind to shut-up.  Negative thoughts like to creep in, but they can be pushed aside when people help you believe.

5:30 in the morning

At the top we unloaded our backpacks and then did squats and pop-ups while we waited for everyone to make it to the top.  We then found out that this morning we were going to have a race.  We were split in half and the goal was to run down one side of the hill and back – move 1 can or bottle of water to a designated spot and then head down the other side.  We could go home when everything had been moved.

I have no idea how many times I went up and down the hill, I didn’t think to count  ( I did hear from others that it was at least 9 – 10 times up and down.  All I thought about was running down the hill, running up the hill where I could and walking at certain inclines when I couldn’t run.  Then move the can and start all over!

I can do this!

A little more than half way through we walked around the top of the monument to guzzle water, do some push-ups and begin again.  One of the toughest parts of the morning for me was guzzling the water…who knew!

Headed down the hill for the first time after the water, all I could think about was swish, swish in my belly!  For the second round, I think I only had to go through the rotation twice.  What I discovered this morning is if you believe in yourself you can go a long way.  At the end of the morning, I was not overly fond of holy hill, but I wasn’t afraid of it anymore.

Before we headed back to our cars, we sat down and had a motivational talk by Matt Costa regarding making healthy choices.  As adults, we all know what to eat to succeed, but often we make bad choices.  With boot camp, if you break making healthy choices into 6 weeks, it doesn’t seem so difficult.  I even headed out to the grocery store for fresh veggies and fruit.  If I have the right food in the house then it is easier to stick to the goal.  Of course, my family is all making healthy choices with me…since I do the grocery shopping.

Week 3 – Day 2 in 3 more weeks we will be back here for graduation – I can’t wait!

Not only did we have fun exercising this morning, Outer Banks Bootcamps will also take our canned goods to the local food bank to help out our community.

Canned goods that will be donated to our local food bank.

All photos were taken by Courtney Hathaway a fellow bootcamp member and one of the best  photographers in town.  Go check her out:


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