Color Me Rad

Sunday was the Color Me Rad  5k race in Virginia Beach.  Let’s just say this was my all-time favorite event.  The whole morning was spent giggling like elementary school kids as we ran, skipped, danced and even walked at times through the 3.1 mile course.

I am still quite nervous when I run, but an event like this you are having so much fun that you forget there is exercise involved.  I had invited my 10-year-old daughter to come with me (she is anti-running) and she turned me down over and over.  Several days before the race I had a friend that was not able to attend the race and I invited my daughter one more time with the promise we would walk more than ran.  Well….we did walk, but my daughter was having so much fun that she ended up running more than walking!

If you are looking for a fun way to run a race, this is the one for you!  Don’t look to break any PR’s, but you will still come away with a giggle endorphin high!  If you go be prepared to be colorized, to laugh non-stop and have a great time!

Outer Banks Boootcampers
I love how clean we are!
Push-up challenge
The Finish Line – Outer Banks Bootcamps finish together
Bootcamp Rainbow Circle
My Daughter and I
Colorful Crowd

Big Thanks goes out to Adam Swansen for taking all the photos and for Ann Marie Burroughs for sharing them!

This video shows all the fun you can have at a Color Me Rad Event – you should check and see if there is one coming to you! 


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