Bootcamp Week 4

I am a little behind on my updates this week, been a bit busy but I wanted to take the time to share my adventures this week.

On Monday – we played a little boot camp poker which resulted in 46 bicep curls for every heart card drawn, 46 tricep kickback for every diamond card drawn , 46 flies for every spade card drawn, 46 burpees for every club card drawn, 12 dips in the ocean head first for every face card, 4 Wild Cards, Four 30 second breaks for the # 7 drawn.  I tried to remember which cards were used for what, so I hope I guessed correctly!  We also did some crawling, jogging, duckwalks and jumping jacks.

This was a  great way to start my Monday!  I felt like I accomplished so much and had fun too!

photo credit: Christine McMaster Da Mosta

Tuesday I headed over to Knuckle-up for lunch time kickboxing.  Amanda is a great kickboxing instructor but for some reason  I had a hard time in the class, I felt like I lacked energy. It frustrated the hell out of me as I have felt like I have been going forward full force for the last several weeks.   I had at first thought that I ate the wrong breakfast, eggs instead of oatmeal and then I realized that the blood donation I gave on Monday might be affecting my energy.

Today we headed over to Jockey’s Ridge for our Boot-camp.  I need to come clean and admit that the last two sessions of boot camp that I was a part of, I managed to avoid Jockey’s Ridge out of total fear.  With my determination to “Own It” I knew this was the one I needed to tackle and take away the fear.  If you are not familiar with Jockey’s Ridge it is the tallest natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States.  Running in sand is a huge challenge, running up dunes is a tough challenge.

The morning seemed to start out quite rough for me.  I hit the first hill and had a tough time getting up the hill.  I was still feeling like my energy was zapped.  I don’t know how many times we went up and down the dunes but I finally was able to pick up my momentum towards the end.

The coaches also threw in push-ups, sit-ups, backpack lifts and leg lifts for good measure!   I know my favorite part was military crawling down the hill.  As my friend Jeanne said “makes me feel like a kid again”.  Yes it did!

I can finally say that I took on Jockey’s Ridge and even though we didn’t complete the whole park, I was able to put a check in my mental list that I participated in Jockey Ridge day and survived!  That’s the beauty of it, just believe in yourself and listen to your coaches, we can do this!  I do want to give a shout-out to Jay Bowman & Matt Costa for their encouragement to move this morning!  It really does encourage me to do better for myself when you have coaches that belive that you can take on the challenge.

Thank you to all the coaches and Outer Banks Bootcamps for the journey so far.

On Thursday I plan on heading back to Knuckle-up for lunch kickboxing and Friday joining the group run.  Come and join me, you will have fun!  Our next Outer Banks bootcamp plus session starts May 28th, come on and give it a try….you will love it and your life will change.


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