Week 6 – Monday – The Return of the Red Solo Cup

Oh what a difference a week makes!  Today’s work out felt great!  The last couple of weeks I felt so exhausted during boot camp, but today I was energized! I kept to my usual can’t sleep, up and down all night rhythm before boot-camp but since I started my routine early I must have snuck in more sleep.

Collage Creation: Ann Marie Burroughs Haywood

Today we revisited the red solo cup.   How little most people know how much a red solo cup can make your arms ache when filled up with sand.  Keep that in mind the next time you are drinking beer or helping the kids build a sandcastle on the beach.

We headed out this morning with a light run down to the beach.  When we arrived on the beach we filled up our two cups with sand.  In Jay’s words “snow cone sand”.  While keeping our sand filled cups in front of us, we were able to appreciate the sunrise and reflect on the numbers  and the 4 legs of the stool.  Let’s just say, my arms were up in the air so long that I started to get the shakes, which is a good thing!

During this time we cheered for the stingrays as they came running down the beach with logs.  (Another group of true athletes that are owning it, I hope to be a part of their team one day when I am ready.)  Jay also touched on some accomplishments of our Bluefin teammates.  This group has come a long way, and I am proud to be a part of this group and extremely proud of my teammates success.  It is going to be fun to continue working out, becoming stronger and healthier together.

With our cups (full of sand) we started a series of drills that including running up and down stairs, duck walking, lunging and I think one other thing but I can’t think of it.   We then broke into two teams and proceeded to race to fill a huge bucket with sand 3 times.  We did this drill at the beginning of this boot camp and the progress everyone has made from that first drill speaks to the hard work and commitment of our team.

We then ran down the beach with our cups full of sand following the man with the bucket (aka the one and only Jay Bowman!)  Jay headed off the beach so we followed.  Our next part of the morning took place next to the Bucchaner Motel.  I am sure if people were sleeping in at the motel, we might have woken them.  We  did a series of running drills and then started back to Knuckle-up.  On the way back, we ran up the road and at every intersection we did squats.   We ended our morning with 81 squats as a group.

I must say I am tickled to be at week 6 with graduation on Wednesday.  I have hit my goal to attend each boot camp and also find time to exercise on the off days.  By setting this goal, nothing could stop me from accomplishing what I wanted to do in this six weeks.  I am already signed up for the next 6 weeks.  I am not an early morning person, so for me to keep moving forward when I could be sleeping is a huge progress for me.  I can’t wait for what the future brings!


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