What a weekend!

Can I just say it has been one hell of a weekend!  I started my Saturday waking up at 6:00 a.m. – this is not a usual waking time for me, but my boot camp early mornings must be getting to me.  Since I was up, I decided to hit Kickboxing at Knuckle-up at 8:00 a.m.  My 10-year-old daughter even joined me for our morning of fitness.   After kickboxing, we decided to take the Zumba class.  I have not taken on over 2 hours of exercise in 20 years.

Sunday was the Inaugural Wine Down 5k, I spent most of my Saturday night and almost all day Sunday as a nervous wreck for this race.  Not sure why I was stressing, the bonus at the end of the race was 2 glasses of wine!  Finally, about 3:00 I calmed down and stopped stressing over the 5k.  I have no idea why I even stress myself like that!  It must be that I know 5k’s are still a challenge for me and I know that it will be tough.  I was running this race with a bunch of great people and also my friend Jeanne.  This was her first 5k and what a race it was!

Jeanne and I at the beginning of the race. The gentleman in the photo was explaining the race course to us.  Photo Credit:  Outer Banks RunCations

Both of  our families came along to cheer us on which was a great feeling.  Usually, I am at these races without the family.  It felt wonderful to have them supporting me.  I have to say, that this 5k was quite a challenge.  The course was a trail course through the vineyards, trees and the sound.  It was a beautiful course but it was also extremely hot and by the end of the first mile I was drenched.  My first mile, went fairly smooth but after that the heat started to get to me.  I switched to running for 30 seconds and walking for 15 seconds for the rest of the course.

Up ahead my friend Re was running and I could tell she was hurting.  She was my focus, if she could continue to run then I needed to continue to run.  Right behind me was my friend Jeanne, I wanted to try to be a good example by not quitting.  For Jeanne’s first race she picked a doozy!  I let her know that even the more experience runners found this race to be a challenge.

I hit mile 3 and my focus was coming in strong and where is the water!  I don’t know what my finishing time was, I didn’t realize there was a clock and the results are not posted yet.  I have been told that it was under 45 minutes, which makes me happy!   It was a fun race to be a part of since we had so many friends taking part in the race.  It made the race special to have so many boot campers taking part of the fun.  Thank you Matt and Outer Banks RunCations for putting on this race!

At the after party, over a couple of glasses of wine, Re decided to run the 1st Annual Shore Break Race (another 5k) that was being held Monday Morning at 8:00.  I thought I had a great excuse, and in front of my husband I said, “wish I could go with you, but I have the kids”.  My husband said, “you can go run, I can help with the kids”.  Well there went that excuse!  Did I mention that we had boot camp in the morning and we would be running after boot camp.  Also, I usually don’t take on boot camp and a second form of exercise all in one day.

I think the wine may have gotten to my head!  I sent a message to my friend Samantha to let her know I was going to sign up too!  After we left the Wine Down, and we were heading home, my husband (who does not run) decided to sign up for the 5k as well.  This was decided at 8:00 at night.  I didn’t even head towards bed until after 11:00 p.m. because I had to run around to get ready for the next morning.

My 3rd boot camp started today at 5:30 a.m.  When I hit the parking lot, I was surprised by the amount of people who were there.   128 people signed up for this boot camp.  What a site to see and to be a part of!!   I was excited to head to the beach to face new challenges.  We were broken into 3 different teams and I headed out with my team from the last boot camp.  We spent the morning doing push-ups, sit-ups, duck walking, running, crawling and of course time in the ocean.  I had to leave at 6:15 in order to attend the race.  My friend Jeanne said  I missed out on sit-ups in the ocean and other forms of exercise.

I was soaked from head to toe since jumping in the ocean was part of the fun this morning.  Thank goodness I always have a spare outfit.  An an impromptu hose shower and a change of clothes behind the gym occurred.  I have no idea if the houses behind the building saw us, but I could not get in the car soaking wet and covered in sand.  The drive to Avon, NC was an hour drive and I was so happy my husband was driving!

We arrived just in time to start the race.  Did I mention this was my 6th – 5k since I started my boot camp journey back in October.  My friend Re, told me that she was going to stay with me the entire race and help me do my best.  I was just hoping I would make it to the end!  The race was a beautiful race.  It started out on the road, going through neighborhoods, crossing bridges, going on a trail and then running up the longest flight of stairs I have seen on the beach and ended with a run down the beach.

Amy, Re and myself -Triple Threat! photo credit: Ann Marie Burroughs Haywood
My husband and I at Shore Break 5k – Photo Credit: Ann Marie Burroughs Haywood

With Re by my side, and my husband slightly ahead of us, I ran my first mile without stopping.  This was a new milestone for me.  Usually I fit in a 10 – 15 second walk before I finish a mile.  Now I know, I can run a mile without stopping!  The next 2.1 miles I was not as successful, but I did run more than I walked.  When we hit the water station, my husband ran back to us to bring us water.   He hasn’t run since the last 5k he ran with me in December, but he still was ahead of me!  It was fun to have him at a race with me.

This was my first run where I had a friend stay with me.  I didn’t even put on my headphones, instead I focused on my surroundings and moving forward.  Re helped me with my breathing and motivated me to keep at it.   What a huge difference it is to have a friend by your side helping you succeed.  So a big thank you to you my beautiful friend for believing in me.

When I hit the home stretch Re pushed me to pass a gentleman that was up ahead.  I know she passed him, but when I finally started to catch up with him he started to run.  I was so happy to hit the finish line and receive a hug from my friend Samantha who was in charge of the race. Great race Samantha and Go Far!  The cold beer at 9:00 in the morning tasted great!!

Re and I at the finish line – Photo Credit: Shore Break 5K and Tide Pool Fun Run

This was such a memorable weekend, that I may have to take on this challenge next year!  I want to send out thanks to my friends, family and to all the coaches of Outer Banks Bootcamps for helping me find the drive to take on exercising.  I know that I am the one that is required to do the exercise, but when there is a solid support system in place it makes all the difference.  I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings.


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