Running on the Rope – Week 2 Outer Banks Bootcamps

This week is a crazy week.  It is the last week of school for my kids and at the end of the week I am going out-of-town for my sister’s baby shower.  My daughter is also graduating from Elementary School and her last week of school is booked solid.   I am happy that I have boot camp to help alleviate some of the stress of running around crazy!

On Sunday night, my brain decided to work overtime and I had a hard time sleeping.  I ended up with about 2.5 hours of sleep before it was time to wake up.  I did have a moment when I thought “it’s okay, you can skip…you have not slept!”  Well, the moment passed.  I did not want to miss my boot camp morning  since I will be out-of-town the following Monday.  So off to boot camp I went, “mind over matter”.

As we were lining up with our teams I noticed an extremely long rope on the ground.  I had a moment of fear when I realized that we were going to be holding onto the rope and running as a team.  Not only was I in for a morning full of exercise I was going to be working on the mental side as well.

I will admit I have been a part of a rope run before and things did not go well, but as I have mentioned things are changing for me.  It’s not an “oh crap I can’t do this moment”, it’s now a “I will do this moment”.    Just making the small switch in thinking has helped me push harder and actually run farther.  No, I’m not breaking records but I do keep moving.

So off we went and for about the first mile, we just ran without walking.  When someone is in front of you and someone is behind you the focus is on moving your feet and not slowing anyone down.  After the first mile, we stopped at intervals for push-up breaks (yes, i know not really a break)  and then headed on down the road.

When we reached the pier, we had to jump up and onto the sand with the help of our teammates.  Once we hit the beach, Matt talked with us about running shoes before we headed down the beach.  I do know that I made the whole 3 miles pushing forward the whole time up until the last-minute when I tripped on a very large piece of concrete which put me flat on my face.  It was amazing that the teammates behind me did not crash onto me!  The good thing was, it was jump in the ocean time so I didn’t have long to reflect on my face plant!  (I just have a little bruising and a sore toe, so I got off easy!)

Once we hit the ocean, we circled up and I was lucky to have a very tall teammate hold me up as my feet were not touching the ocean floor.  I think he actually held up a whole row of people!  We all laid back and floated in a circle, which was quite the feeling after the run.  We were lucky and only had one wave crash on us!

I know I made another turning point Monday Morning when I made it through the whole run with a positive attitude and belief in myself.  I won’t say it was easy, but I would do it again!  I was so proud of myself and my teammates for taking on the challenge and finishing the morning strong.

I know that our workouts will become more difficult each time but I can’t wait to see the challenges as well as the progress I make along the way.


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