National Runners Day

Today is National Runners Day so get out of the house and go for a run!!!  I started my morning at boot-camp where 140 plus boot-campers stormed the beach for a 3 mile run by the water.  Can I just say, it is an amazing feeling to run with that many people on the beach at 5:30 in the morning.

Outer Banks Bootcamps Celebrates National Runners Day – Photo Credit Jay Bowman

If you noticed in the lifeguard stand there is a couple snuggled up to watch the sunrise, what a surprise we were!

Today was my day where I realized that I am no longer trying to be a runner, I am a runner!  As I started down the beach, I set a steady pace for me and never had a moment where I needed to stop.  My breathing was controlled the whole time and I was just so tickled to be running with everyone and feeling like I was finally a runner.

Look at all of us and the view! Photo Credit: Jay Bowman

When we reached the half-way point, we stopped for sit-ups, push-ups and mountain climbers.  Of course our morning would not be complete without a line of over a 140 people sitting in the surf doing sit-ups.

Push-ups with the sunrise, amazing! photo credit: Jay Bowman

We then headed back as a group to finish our morning run.  The whole time I am running my mind is going “this is so cool”,” oh my god I am running”. “I am doing this”!  I also noticed that I was right in the middle of the pack which was another hi-light in my mind.  I just want to thank all the people I had the honor of running with this morning.  You are part of the reason I kept going, each and every one of you!  Since I started my journey last October I  have struggled and today was the day my hard work paid off.

I have to thank – Matt Costa, Jay Bowman, Christine McMaster, Adam Swansen and all the coaches for your support, encouragement and the belief in me that I can do this.  I know I would not be on this mission of fitness without the support of all of you and the members of Outer Banks Bootcamps.

In honor of National Runners Day I encourage you to head out the door for a short run (heck just run to the mailbox, but get started!) I know if I have taken on the challenge with my running list of excuses then so can you.  My herniated disk is not going to stop me and I intend to push through and set larger challenges for myself.  I crossed the first hurdle, I ran 3 miles without walking….just have to pick the next goal.  Wonder what it will be, suggestions?


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