Holy Hill Food Banks Cans

We hit Holy Hill aka Wright Brother’s National Park yesterday for another round of tackling the hill.  We had a larger amount of boot campers and a lot more sweat!  Yesterday was muggy and buggy!  I love now that I am on the journey I can notice the changes I have made from the last time I hit the hill.  Last time it was a struggle to run from the parking lot to the monument, this time running to the monument was just fine!

We were divided into groups at the top of the monument.  Everyone had backpacks which included not only a change of clothes and a towel but also 4 cans of food and two bottles of water.  Our mission was to unload a canned item every time we ran down and then back up the hill.  This would account for a guaranteed 6 trips up and down.  One of our fellow boot campers even brought her father along, a retired colonel and he took on Holy Hill with us.  It was a hi-light of my morning to see him heading up and down the hill.

Me from the Last Holy Hill Adventure – see how far up and down is!

After completing our cycle of going up and down the hill, Matt Costa and Jay Bowman gave a great motivational talk followed by a heart stopper assignment – Matt said “okay everyone you are going to put the can’s back in your pack one at a time and go up and down until all the can’s are gone”.  Oh hell!  What’s a girl to do but grab a can and head on down the hill.  To my relief upon reaching the top of the hill we were told to pack everything up to bring back to the cars.  The great thing about this morning was not only did we have a fantastic workout, we donated all the food to our local food bank.

I am looking forward to what the next adventure brings!

Update – 372.4 lbs of food was delivered to the beach food pantry thanks to the Hammerheads, Bull Sharks and the Clownfish. Thank you Ann Marie for the photo!

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