What a Week!

This has been such a fun and busy week.  I have been balancing family beach time with my exercise program.   On Monday, I had a positive boot camp day.  I felt like I was moving forward in my fitness.  On Monday we had a morning of lots of mountain climbers (504) to be exact,  mixed in with quite a bit of running, push-ups, sit-ups, pop-ups, squats and some jumping.  In past boot camps I have had quite the struggle with the mountain climber drill, usually I was dead last.  This past Monday I felt like I finally held my own and it was amazing to notice the progress I had made.  I ended Monday morning feeling proud that I was moving forward in my journey.

Today was The Outer Banks Sunrise 5k, this was the first 5k that I ran the entire race.  The race was set on the beach in Nag’s Head and was difficult.  I ran by the water the whole time but with the waves coming in and out and no flat packed sand in site, it was tough.  I felt like I ran little baby hills the entire race, while dodging fishing lines.  The beauty of the race was the view and I highly recommend this race to anyone looking for a challenge with a fantastic view.

At the end I was fighting it out with a little girl – she was my goal to pass.  Now don’t think I am awful, but throughout the whole race I watched the little girl walk, then sprint, stop and turnaround, then sprint again.  She even stopped a couple of times to check out the beach.  So towards the end after she had passed me over and over I said to myself I have got to at least finish strong for me.  So as terrible as it sounds I managed to pass her and two other people walking the course.  I think the little girl rocked it, just wanted to at least pass some people walking!

My finish time was not great, it was around 48 minutes but I can now check off no walking during a 5k.  My next goal will be to pick up the pace and find a run buddy at the race that will push me to go faster.  I would also like to get my time to at least 40 minutes or lower.  I am in luck, there are lots of races to take on this summer and I know I can pick up the pace!  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week, I will be spending mine on the beach with my family.


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