Back to Reality

Tough morning at boot camp today – my fault for taking a beach week and only exercising last Monday and Wednesday.    My excuse, I was on vacation.  Yes, that can be a valid excuse for some, but when I am vacationing on the beach 30 minutes from my house and spending all my times outdoors, I could have found 30 minutes to move my body.  I should have made time to at least run 3 miles on 2 other days of my vacation, then I wouldn’t have been fighting demons today.

Instead, I fell back into an old pattern of laziness and eating.  (Walking to the beach with a beach chair does not count as exercise).   Nothing wrong with a reality check, now the next time I will be prepared.  I have spent too much effort in the last 9 months to let my bad habits sneak back into my life.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Source: via Kristine on Pinterest

This morning we teamed up with team clown fish and I found myself towards the back of the pack.  I was fine on the run to the beach, I even felt somewhat okay when we were told to hop in the water and swim.  It was everything after that became a battle.  Mixing up the routine with swimming, running and calisthenics made my legs feel like rubber.     I am a strong swimmer in the pool, but swimming in the ocean is a whole other challenge.

I need to be able to swim in water besides the pool because I am on a relay tri-team in September and I am the swimmer!  If I had to swim in the tri today I would be hard pressed to say I would finish the swim.  Good thing it is June 25th and I have till September.  Now, I need to figure out how to get the swim training in so that I can hold my own in the tri-relay.

Another part I am not proud of is I actually said the words “I CAN’T” to one of the coaches.  This is a word that I wasn’t supposed to let sneak into my vocabulary again – right after I said it, I was ticked off at myself for uttering them. Sorry Coach Adam – I will do better next time, it should never be an I can’t, if anything it’s an I will try to and  if I am not able to do it then find a way to modify it to work for me.

I am chalking today up to one big reality check and moving forward I  will make sure I am exercising at least 4 -6 days a week.  Truth be told, I feel better and have a positive attitude when I make time to exercise every day.   Next up is a run on Tuesday and then Jockey’s Hill on Wednesday!


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