Jockey’s Ridge Take Two

Yesterday, June 27th was my second boot camp morning at Jockey’s Ridge.   I was thankful that one of my fellow boot campers gave me a ride as my mind was already struggling while my back was cramping.  The thing is, I am not here to whine, so old Lisa would have said “no way, my back is hurting.  I am not going to go”.  New improved Lisa ” do the best you can and finish”.

Taking on the first hill was quite the challenge, especially when we were told to go up and down the hill twice.  For those of you not familiar with Jockey’s Ridge, this is not a typical hill, this is a sand hill.  Takes on a whole new meaning to get up the hill.  Once we got to the top of the hill we were instructed to do jumping jacks on loose sand, that didn’t go so well,  so up and down we went.  Next up was sit-ups ( I think!) then push-ups that turned into the longest holding position in my life.  My arms are still aching, we then took it to a plank.

After the first adventures of the morning we took off following the coaches.  Let me just say it is quite the site to see all those people running in the sand.  When we stopped we were broken into teams.  Off Matt went and the bull sharks followed.   All I know is we ran, and ran and then ran some more.  In the sand, on a trail and then back to a very large sand hill where we met up with the two other teams.  One of our coaches led us in squats while we waited for everyone to return.

The rest of the morning was a beautiful run, I did take time to notice the scenery even though my body seemed to be fighting me every step of the way.  When we reached a point we teamed up with a partner.  Thank you to my beautiful partner, Jamie who carried me (I am not light so I was very impressed!)  I was not able to carry her due to my back so we ran when it was my turn.

Photo Credit: Jay Bowman

During this entire morning I never felt quite right and with my back in spasms the whole time I eventually ended up in the back of the pack.  I felt disappointed and angry that I could not keep up.  I was close to tears as well but decided I was going to keep strong and keep the tears at bay.  When the morning came to an end I was happy that I finished but left with disappointment.  I had not felt this way in quite sometime and did not like the feeling.

I found this photo and it did help me remember what my journey is all about.  As long as I keep trying then I am working towards achieving my goals.  My lack of fitness and weight gain did not happen overnight and I can’t expect everything to turn around in under 6 months time.  I did discover why I felt off all morning, Wednesday afternoon I started running a fever and a stomach bug hit me.  At least I know I did the best I could even when my body was working against me.  Next week is the end of my 3rd complete boot camp and I look forward to staying on my journey and taking on Jockey’s Ridge again in the next 6 weeks.

Photo: Totally true about today!  Tough morning for me, closest I have been to tears in months at boot camp.  </p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Every now and then my back reminds me why I need to keep trying to push through the pain.  Today was one of those days, but I finished.  Not the fastest, not the strongest but full of heart.

My amazing teammates – Photo Credit: Jay Bowman

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