Swimming with Dolphins

Today was an all over kind of morning in terms of strength and endurance with boot camp.   We had a treat with Jay leading our group this morning.  I love Matt, but it is nice to have different coaches to mix it up.

Apparently it was heard that Jay was an easy coach, um what!  Not true!  We started with push-ups and then Jay handed out empty sand bags and off we ran.  I thought we were headed for the beach but we ran through the neighborhood for a while.  This part of the morning I was able to hold my own even when we had to run holding onto the person in front of us.  I felt like I was doing great for me with running until we hit the beach to fill up our sandbags.

Since I announced that I would not be using the word “I Can’t” I opted not to use it when it came to running with the sand bag.  Running didn’t occur for me at this point but I did walk fast with my sandbag.  Carrying that type of weight for me presents a challenge due to my herniated disk.  I choose not to say no to the exercise, I just did it to the best of my ability.

I went from doing okay at the beginning of the morning to dead last on the beach.  UGH, hate that feeling!  Even though I hated that feeling I know that is the beauty of boot camp, to be challenged and pushed to go beyond what we have done before.  I may not have been able to do some of the challenges today, but it would be boring if they made it easy for us.

After heading down the beach with our sandbags we reached a stopping point in front of a house on the beach, and we had quite the captive audience from vacationers.  We had a gentleman that was filming us, which was quite funny.  So how does he present the video footage, “you won’t believe this, so I was walking on the beach and this large group of people came running up with sandbags, proceeded to do sit-ups with sandbags and then ran into the ocean to swim.”  I am sure we are a site!  The fun part was when the vacationers on the deck at the house were cheering for us.  Nothing like a morning on the beach with built-in supporters!

Once we headed into the swimming portion of the morning I felt like I was back on equal footing.  Swimming in the ocean felt great and somehow Jay was able to arrange for us to swim with dolphins as well!  Wonder what he will coordinate for next week.

It was a perfect way to end a challenging morning.  On Wednesday is the Outer Banks Firecracker & Freedom 5k and Friday is my 3rd Boot Camp Graduation.  I am super excited to finish my 3rd camp and look forward to my next go round.  Thank you to all my teammates and coaches for the encouragement and the support.  Everyone of you encourage me to do better and to strive to take it to the next level.

know better, do better


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