The Red Band

Today was a day that I wasn’t sure that I would ever reach.  I completed my 3rd boot camp which took quite a while to get too and earned my red band (big deal for me)!

I started my journey back in October with Amy while we were both a part of Steel Magnolias – she continued on her journey and has completed 12 boot camps  and also teaches kickboxing.  My journey has been a little slower since I just completed my third bootcamp otherwise known as 3.5 too me.

Back in my first boot camp I had a lot of doubt and mental struggles and wasn’t sure I could stick to my new fitness program.  Amy was a part of my journey from the day I met her and she shared her struggles and encouraged me to keep going.

I still remember how she described her first day with a lot of crying and I believe puking as well!   I have watched and admired her as she took on each challenge, as well as some struggles  but the thing she always does it she gets right back up and goes again.   That folks is dedication and heart, someone to look up too and a major inspiration as well.

First graduation – I had to be dragged up the hill!
Amy taking the hill at our first graduation

My first boot camp I dealt with a lot of pain from my back and the shins from hell, but I kept it up.  I do admit there were days I skipped because I didn’t think I could succeed.  I am sure there are some people that are in this same place right now.

My 2nd boot camp I had to stop after 4 weeks so that is my .5 boot camp.  I then took a two month rest to try and get my back problems to calm down.

After meeting with my neurosurgeon (who thinks I am a little bit nuts) he agreed to let me go back to boot camp and to keep at it for as long as I can.  I do admit I have to take a pain pill at the end of some of the tough days, plus I now own stock in ben gay and Epsom salt!

The plan is for me to go the non-surgical route for as long as I can.  I plan on having an epidural shot in the fall when I finally have health insurance and I hope  that I can put off surgery all together by continuing to lose weight and by building strength.    I have degenerative disc disease, herniated discs in l5, S1 and nerve damage that likes to kick in at funny times and knock me off my feet.  But I have decided as long as I can move that is what I plan on doing.

In May I started boot camp plus and gave it my all.  I discovered that I was stronger then I thought and exercise was fun.   The six weeks of boot camp plus flew by till round two in the series arrived with a  whole new level of commitment.

The last six weeks have had their ups and downs.  I have discovered that I can finally run without hyperventilating, but when some things are thrown in my path such as carrying heavy sandbags or taking on massive sand hills I can’t always keep up.  That left me feeling defeated, but looking back on my journey there is no reason for me to feel that way.

I am moving forward, growing stronger and I can’t focus on what I am not able to do, I just need to focus on what I can do.  In the past six weeks I have run four 5ks, showed up for boot camp mornings and made time to run on my own on the off days.   I may not always be the strongest or the quickest but I am there and committed to the journey.

If anyone of you are struggling in this journey, keep your  goals in site and know that it may not get easier but you will be able to accomplish so much just by putting in the time.  I have been moved by people that have started their journey, have come to me and thanked me for inspiring them to take on the journey and also for friends joining me in the next boot camp series.  Taking the time to change your health is the best gift that you can give to yourself, your family and friends.

Find someone that inspires you and keep them in your sites so that you can move forward.  If you are struggling find someone to share the struggles with and know that each and everyone of us have had our doubts but kept the end goal in site and kept going.

From the bottom of the heart I thank my husband for his unwavering support, my coaches for tough love and support, extra special thanks to Matt for believing in me, my friends who have encouraged me and joined me along the way and my boot camp friends that have inspired me to be a better person in fitness and in life.  There have been several on the journey and all I have is love and admiration for you.    I can’t wait to see what the next 7 weeks brings!

Photo: Sorry Lisa , I thought I posted it.
Amy and I (her 12th graduation and my 3rd)

2 thoughts on “The Red Band

  1. Amazing! I know that you need surgery. I have been at the doctors office with you. You failed to mention that you have been needing surgery for over three years now and only when the doctor told you that you were “not causing more damage and IF you could take the pain” you could certainly try. And, try and succeeded you have. You are an inspiration and I hope the word spreads through the INTERNET>

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