Owning It

The morning started off with my alarm clock waking me up, this is a rare event for me as I usually wake 30 minutes before the clock because I don’t like the noise.  When the alarm clock went off, I actually hit snooze…I never do that either.  I then laid there and thought about going back to bed, I was tired and I wanted to sleep.  Started too feel a little guilty so I sat up in the bed.  It must have taken me 10 minute to finally get out of the bed and head to the bathroom where I contemplated going back to sleep.   Then it hit me, if I went back to bed I wouldn’t sleep because I would feel guilty and regret my choice.

I have made this commitment to get up at 4:30 in the morning to work on improving me.  Since I am back to working full-time it is extra important that I remain diligent or I could let it all slip away.  I haven’t spent the last 6 months trying to change,  only to let it slip away.  This is a big part of our boot camp motto “Own It!”  I am not going backwards, I am moving forward.  Owning it is a part of my life and it does reflect decisions I make in my health and in my life.  15. 23. 14. 9. 20

I was happy to have made the choice to head to boot camp.  We had a great morning!  This morning I found out our new team names was striper, and apparently it was posted as Stripper.  I was sorry to have missed out on that post…because i am sure the comments were entertaining.  For people who don’t know a striper is a striped bass

This morning we had a new coach for the day since our coach is heading up a race for the next 4 weeks.  Dana and Todd were awesome!  They ran us to the point that we were all hoping that the dark clouds would start raining or we would head towards the ocean.  They had us work on picking up the pace and then we did Indian Runs.

When we hit the beach, we were hoping that they would have us jump in the ocean but we start a series of 8 count body builders, 30 second plank and then one-legged planks.  Next we thought it was our moment to jump into the water but we headed down the beach running to our next spot.  There we did push-ups, sit-ups and  a tunnel drill.  (We may have done these in a different sequence but when I am at bootcamp I am not taking notes).

The tunnel drill is where teammates do a military crawl through their teammates that were bent over.  I was not able to participate in this drill as I have a nasty sore on my knee from softball so I was sent down the beach and back before I could join back in with my team.

After that we were able to hop in the ocean for a minute “which felt like heaven” and then we started a run to the water and back to the sand dunes.  When we finished this drill we headed on down the beach and back to the gym.  When I heard the thunder I was able to pick up my pace as the last place I want to be in a thunder-storm is on the beach!  It was fun to have a new coach and yes Dana and Todd you worked us!  Thank you for taking the time to guide us this morning.

My give for the next 7 weeks will be no soda.  I am planning to eliminate this from my life and make it a life choice not a 7 week choice.  My other goal is to work up to a 5 mile run.  Some days the 3 miles can be challenging so I need to step it up.  I can’t take on the 1/2 marathon challenge until I am sure I can keep moving forward in mileage.

I also want to take a moment to thank Todd for taking the time to send me a note on Facebook today in response to my give.  Taking the time to send a message to me, meant a lot.  Doesn’t take much to make me happy!

Have a great night – gonna go relax now.


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