I’m Just Not Bad Ass and I’m Okay

Yesterday was quite the day!  My birthday was on Tuesday and I hit the big 42.  Yesterday was Re’s birthday and she had a fitness morning planned.  Her birthday plan was to  take on boot camp, then run a 5k, then bloody mary’s with breakfast, hit the beach and then dinner with friends.  Thank you Re, for letting me share your birthday celebration yesterday!

I know the last time I took on a 5k on a Sunday night, hit boot camp Monday Morning and then headed to a 5k right after that I said I would never do that again.  Well, I was wrong!  Since Re wanted to spend her birthday this way, I jumped on for the adventure even though all through Tuesday I kept saying I was going to skip boot camp, save it for the race and take on boot camp on Thursday.

I decided to take on the challenge in honor of Re’s birthday as well as my own.  Talking to my brother, Nino on Tuesday night he told me I was in the prime of my life, so that was my motto on Wednesday Morning.  I can do this, I am in the prime of my life!

I started Wednesday with my usual 4:30 wake up time and headed to boot camp.  We had Dana and Todd as coaches and they had a fun morning planned which included dragging chunks of wood down the beach with a partner.  For the morning we did not run as far as Monday, which I was grateful for but we did have a challenging morning.

It was another morning of partner training which was fine with me.  The word of the day was “Value”  We dragged the wood down the beach, stopped for a challenging round of abdominal exercises and planking where I valued that I was able to be on the beach and participating in boot camp, then hit the beach again.

At each stop Dana and Todd had exercise set up for us.  Overall, the morning of value was great minus the time in the ocean with the dead fish smell.  Boot camp complete, time to hit the 5k.

I want to give a special shout-out to Deanna “Re’s Daughter” who helped me by taking my kids to camp so that I could run the 5k.  Thank you Deanna!

After a quick shower to rid myself of the dead fish smell, I hit the road to Corolla.  During the drive I choked down a gel, and hydrated with water.  I made it to the race with 10 minutes to spare!

The 5k proved to be quite the challenge.  It was a fast course, but it was hot.  Within the first mile I started the mental chant of “move your feet”, “bloody mary”!  Just after I hit the first mile,  I heard Matt yell to me which was great.

I admit I had to walk a couple of times on this course due to the heat, but for me that morning my goal was to finish.  I didn’t set a new PR as I came in slower than my time from the 4th of July, but I did make it in 42:20, which is a better time than most of the times I have finished with.

To me my finishing picture say’s it all:

What I think I look like finishing
What I really look like!!!

You know the funny thing is I saw the camera, and I tried to smile….just wasn’t in time!

After the race, we headed off to breakfast with bloody marys, beach time with (Re, Ilona, Amanda, Phyllis and Randolph).  I then headed to the other end of the island for a singing concert at my daughters camp and then to swoop in to pick up my youngest son.  I made it home in time to shower and get ready for a girls birthday dinner!

My title comes from conversation at the table last night when Ilona was sharing her thought process on “I’m Just Not Bad Ass and I’m Okay with that”.  I agree with her motto, for me it is not necessary to take on boot camp and a 5k all in one morning.  I was a bad ass yesterday but  I’m just not that bad ass every day!  I will tell you that Re is a bad ass because she will take on the challenge and rock it!  She even set a new PR at the 5k after she had already run a 5k in boot camp!

Now, this does not mean I won’t take on a challenge like this again, but I won’t beat myself up if I don’t.  I may not be a bad ass in the department of exercise, but I am a bad ass in other things I do in life!

Thank you to the fantastic evening – Amy, Ilona, Gloria, Dawn, Jeanne and special thanks to Drake and Deanna for the birthday cake.  I had a blast spending my day with friends and an awesome friend and birthday girl!  Thank you to everyone that helped to make this day special.

The girls! Amy, Re, Ilona, Jeanne, Me and Gloria
Dawn, Re and me
Birthday Girls

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