Welcome to Marathon Express Camp…What!?

Monday Morning I woke up ready to roll for boot camp….until I heard Matt say the words Welcome to Marathon Express Camp.  My first thought was “Oh Hell No!”  but of course it’s boot camp so I wasn’t walking away from that mornings challenge.


Matt had us pair up with a partner and had us sprint to a stop sign, then jog to the next on the longest street in Kitty Hawk.  It was actually a good thing we were partnered up because you can’t give up if you have a teammate with you.  Helen you rocked the morning and I was happy to have you as a partner.  When we finally arrived at our first destination we did 10 crunches which made me want to vomit and then we were sent back to tap the last teammate on the shoulder and give them encouragement.

After we all arrived at the meeting spot Matt gave us some tips on our running style and how we can make things easier.  I know my big thing is picking up my feet, I think I am picking up my feet but truly they are like lead weights and I never get them far off the ground.

After the quick tips we lined up and heading down the road again for Indian Runs.  I can’t say this is my favorite thing to do, but I know that this will help increase endurance and pick up our speed.  When we finally hit the intersection we headed towards the beach….or so we thought!  Let me just say, this was one morning we were praying for the ocean to cool us off.


Matt sent us on down the road with more Indian runs, and I know we lost people to puking.  It was tough and hot.  I know for a fact I would not do this on my own, but when Matt tells you to do something, you do it and believe that you can do it.

After another round of Indian Runs he partnered us up and we had to run arm and arm.  Running beside someone is a challenge, holding onto someone and running is the ultimate test to me.  We ran from stop sign to stop sign and at each stop we did one push up and one crunch with Matt yelling “pick up the pace, we have to get back, we can’t be late.”

I admit by this part of the morning, my mental game was failing me.  The annoying mind was creeping in and saying to me, your hips hurts, your back hurts, your feet hurts…you can quit.  Hate that brain sometimes, I am still looking for the off button in moments like this.

Towards the end with my mental game dragging me down Matt had us do the final push, running in a line your right hand on the shoulder in front of you.  This one is a challenge to me.  You are always either being pushed or pulled while trying to keep up with the group and not step on your teammates.

I admit, I let my mental get to me and I did break away from the group and each time I started straying to far back Matt was yelling at us stragglers to get back in the line and catch the team.  I did catch up, and finished but I would not call it finishing strong.

At the end of camp this morning Matt let us know that we had run a little over 5 miles that morning which was a big deal as I have never run 5 miles.  My cutoff has always been 3 miles.  I left boot camp feeling a mix of emotions about my performance but overall I was proud that I had survived the 5 miles.

I did let the mental game get to me, but that just means that I need to keep working towards overcoming the mental challenge.  When I hit home and pulled off my shoes I discovered that I had at least 3 blisters on each foot, so I am not sure if it is the socks, the shoes or what as I haven’t really had blisters before.

With 5 miles under my belt, I do believe I can do it again!

















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