Play Like a Kid

Monday we had Jay and for the record he rocks!  This man will push you beyond your limit, have you playing like a kid, and not thinking about the pain that will be headed your way as soon as you leave boot camp….of course always with a smile on his face!

Jay Bowman

We started our morning with a run to the end of the street by knuckle-up.  I use to loath this street, because I couldn’t even make it half way.  I have even cried on this street more than once and have even wanted to quit.  For the moment, I am happy to be passed that feeling.

At the end of the road there is a little loop like parking area where lunges became the name of the game.  We lunged alone and in pairs.  I am sure that is why my backside hurts quite a bit today!

We then headed down a path to the sound where we did a drill that reminded me of my volleyball days and for others their basketball days!  Sideways steps on both sides, running backwards and then running forwards.  I loved the view when we were facing the sound, and I admit running backwards was fun!  Leave it to Jay to bring out the kid in every one of us!

When we reached the end of the path, we were told to run at about a 7 with a 10 being an all out sprint.  I am all for pushing myself, but I hate when I don’t know where the end is.  The end actually was quite far for a quick pace, started off fast, walked for a second and then went back to a fast pace.  I was a happy girl to see the stop sign!

Run run run run..

We then headed on down Kitty Hawk road for the beach where the Ocean was calling my name.  I am a water child at heart and feel quite comfortable in it.  So on a jog I went, with a water chant in my head.

When we hit the beach, we did crunches, and for me more crunches for everyone else some type of side lunge and more sideways running and then I made a pathetic attempt at jumping jacks.

For some reason my legs were like jelly and I couldn’t move them anymore.  We also had some friendly beach fun racing to marked corners, duck walking and backwards crawling to see which team could reach the other corner first.  Yes, we did get in the water…but not for long!

I have to say the hi-light of my morning was watching the folks from N.E.S.T.  around a hatching turtle nest.  I would have loved to spent the rest of my morning there checking out that adventure, but had to run on back to the gym so I could make it to work on time.




As I sit here with my sore legs and glutes I know I worked hard and also had fun!  Thanks Jay for bringing out the kid in us and for pushing us!  In the morning  I am off to run another round of the  Brindley Beach Lighthouse 5k Series.


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