Race Photos – Own them!

Today I ran my 9th 5k  in the past year thanks to Outer Banks Bootcamps.  I did much better than last week, but still lots of room for improvement.  Last week I ran the race in 42:20 and today I ran it in 39:52.  This was the exact same course as last week.  I was shooting for a new PR, but a trash truck driving 35 MPH made me almost miss the race.  I made it to the start line with about 2 minutes to spare.

I skipped boot camp this morning so I would perform better, but my legs had issues.  Since I was late for the race I didn’t warm up and throughout the race I had to keep stopping to stretch.  I am happy I bettered my time, just not a new PR.

When I saw the picture from today’s race, I thought I should just post all the scary race photos and out myself as an official scary looking runner.

Yep, Happy I have my sunglasses on, bet my eyes were crazy!
Brindley Beach LIghthouse 5k


Brindley Beach Lighthouse 5k July 18


Sunrise 5k – June 20th – This is my personal favorite because you can’t see my face that usually shows just how I feel.


Shore Break 5k – May 28th – Just love the look on my face versus how happy Re looks!

Must mention that Re and  I had run a 5k not even 12 hours before and also participated in Bootcamp the morning of this race.  

Wine Down 5k – May 27th – used to think this was a bad photo but it is clearly the best!

Well – that’s all the photos I have and I am proud that I ran in every race, so I will own the scary pictures as well since it is a reminder of setting a goal and succeeding!  Not sure when my next race is but I will be sure to post that picture too!



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