Great Morning with the Steel Magnolias!


This morning I joined the Steel Magnolias for a make-up bootcamp day.  I always feel right at home with this group as I started bootcamp with them back in October.  What a wonderful, supportive group of women.  Also, bonus they don’t start till 7:00, so I got to sleep in till 5:45!

We met at Club Med where I was surprised to see the Advance Group of Boot Campers running by…Today was their graduation day and they took a different path than Holy Hill.  Congratulations Graduates and special wishes to Dana and Mike for your anniversary date and to Todd for his coaches shirt.

Coach Betsy warmed us up on the beach and then Coach Don let us know we would take the same course as the Sandbar 5k.  We also ran this course for National Runners Day.  I actually like this beach run (liking running is a rarity!) and was happy to take on the run.  Coach Don said we would run at a 9 minute pace, which cracked me up, so I took it at my pace which is not 9 minutes.

I was able to run a few minutes with Lindsey, which was a nice quick visit.  I admire her for working nights, standing for her whole shift and then hitting bootcamp.  That takes determination and motivation.

I am proud to say that I ran the whole time, even though the lower front of my legs were cramping and tight the first mile and a half.  I guess running is not meant to be a pain free sport!

run run run!

As I was running I reflected on the last time I was with the Steel Magnolias and I couldn’t even run for very long.  I realized that I have made huge progress and it felt good to be back where I started.

When I made it back to the group, Don let me know I had run it in 40 minutes which I was happy to hear!  I  finished the morning with 50 crunches, 50 squats and 50 push-ups and then a sprint drill from dune to ocean 3 times.  Best part was cooling off in the water!

Love This!




Thank you to the Steel Magnolias for being such a great group, hope to see you again soon.


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