Accident’s Happen, I Can Bounce Back!

I had such big plans this week – boot camp on Monday/Wednesday, swimming and softball on Thursday and running the Sandbar 5k on Sunday.  As the saying goes ” The best laid plans of mice and men are often led astray”

I started my morning by picking up my friend Jeanne “which I loved” because we were able to visit on the way to boot camp!   So my morning started off great!  When we hit boot camp we were paired up with Adam’s group and we took off on quite a fast pace towards the beach.  While we were running I was actually thinking “wow, I am running kind of fast for me, maybe I should slow down” then I just decided to see if I could hang with it.

After my little mental pep talk, we did come to a stop up the road so I was happy I hung in there.  We were at a lot across from the beach and we started a short sprint drill back and forth.  I was having fun as I love to know where I am ending and with this drill it is quite close!



After about the 4th series on the way back, my ankle turned wrong and I heard a pop!  First thought was Oh Crap!  Second was, that hurt!  I sat out the rest of the drill and when we headed for the beach I decided to jump back into the work out.  My ankle was hurting, but I wanted to see if I could move on.  When I jumped in the ocean the water felt great, but as we were getting out I looked at my ankle and noticed that the right foot looked strange compared to the left one.

So, first time ever I decided to leave during boot camp.  Let me tell you, never good to injure yourself when you have to walk back.  The whole walk back I was thinking damn, wish my car wasn’t so far away.

I pulled into my driveway at 6:15 and my husband came out and was surprised to see me home so early.  He hooked me up with an ice pack while I elevated my foot.

I felt like I needed to head to work, but the ankle was telling me I needed to take it easy.  We decided to be on the safe side to get my ankle checked out.  I was happy my husband could drive me as even getting home from boot camp was a challenge!

At the urgent care the staff was cracking me up as they have all heard about boot camp and my nurse even told me she wished she could join but the hours didn’t work for her.  The Physician Assistant said “I know it is tough that you are injured but you will be back in no time.  No one has ever been hurt from lying around and being flabby so at least you are out there working on being healthy”.

Long story short, bad sprain, take it easy for two weeks and listen to the pain.  Have the ankle wrapped up, elevated and on ice.   I am so bummed I am missing out the rest of the weeks activities, but better to take care of myself so that I can move forward!

I will miss my team and I look forward to joining you in a couple of weeks!


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