Thank You!

I have to say that I am done with the ankle.  I think of myself as a strong person and I can take pain (heck, I deal with my back pain on a daily basis).  But not being able to accomplish anything this week is driving me nuts.  Not to mention the hobbling is creating all kinds of new muscle aches.

Everything I have done is an adventure this week and it takes me twice as long.  Heck, just picking up milk from the grocery store yesterday was a 15 minute process.  Yes, I eyed the motorized cart, but decided the regular shopping cart would hold me up just fine.  Yes, I am stubborn.  I have a hard time asking for help and letting my guard down.  This week has been a lesson in gratitude.

I have also been thankful for everyone that held a door open for me, never knew how challenging a door can be.  The kindness of strangers is amazing.  I am glad this is a temporary bump in the road but one I will remember when I see a person on crutches or anyone that needs a little extra help.

My husband and children have been wonderful this week and I am lucky to have them in my life.  My husband deserves a medal this week!  I am usually a stoic patient, but this week I have been cranky…yes people I do have a cranky side…LOL!  My husband has gone the extra mile and I am lucky to have had him by my side for  20 years.  We are hitting our 15th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and he is a fantastic husband, father and friend.

So a big thank you to everyone from my family, friends and co-workers for helping me out this week.

Hope to see you back on the running side real soon!






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