The last couple of days I have been fighting one of the worst migraines I have had in the 27 years I have had to deal with them.  I had to drag myself to the doctor today for a little relief.

When the doctor and I were going over my migraine history I mentioned to her that my migraines have not been as bad since I introduced exercise back into my life.  I told her I was sidelined due to my ankle and I have noticed an increase in my migraines not to mention all my other aches and pains.

She asked me if I would be going back to exercise.  My answer “ABSOLUTELY”!  For a moment I was surprised how quickly that one word came out of my mouth and then I realized I have finally made a life change for the better.  Exercise is a part of me and without it I don’t feel complete.

The endorphin’s from exercise have made my quality of life better.  I am happy, confident and my pain threshold is higher.  My migraines have cut back and my back pain is not as intense, not to mention the added bonus of weight loss.  I never realized how effective those natural endorphin’s were in my life until these last 6 weeks.

I have had moments of doubt in myself as to whether or not I could succeed in my quest for a fitter me.  I now have clarity and know that I will continue to better myself mentally as well as physically with my boot camp family.


My Kinesiology Tape showed up today, I can’t wait to tape up the ankle and get back in the game, not tonight but real soon!


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