What’s Another Two Weeks in the Scheme of Life?

The last several weeks I have been battling ferocious headaches.  Today, I went to the doctor and discovered that my blood pressure was 160/100.  YIKES!  I have had blood pressure problems in the past, but I thought that I had gotten it under control.

It was another reality moment for me.  Being away from boot camp I have not been able to exercise, and I have been watching what I eat “somewhat”.   But, have I been faithful to my health?  Not 100%.  

I haven’t fallen off the wagon and started diving into bowls of ice cream again, or hitting the McDonald’s.  But I haven’t been working as hard at watching what goes in the mouth.  I’m like every Mom, tired after work, I don’t feel like cooking, anything to make the evening routine simple.  Nachos, tacos or frozen pizza instead of cooking a healthy dinner.

Last week I was already feeling guilty about the quality of food heading into my home.  So I started remodeling the family diet.  For snacks I brought home only fruits, vegetables and some healthy crunchy snacks like popcorn, granola and pretzels.  I am aware, my kids are a product of what I serve in the home so I need to keep on top of it.

Well, they are snacking on apples and grapes  with no ice cream in site and guess what they aren’t complaining“!  I have also set up a meal plan so I know what I am cooking all week and can plan ahead.  Yes, this is all common sense but so easy to ignore.

I have been told by the doctor I need to sit out boot camp two more weeks to make sure the medicine controls my blood pressure.  My first thought was, if I hadn’t had to stop boot camp then my pressure wouldn’t be so bad.  Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve s aren’t going to get me very far.    I was a bit bummed about a bit of a longer delay, but taking care of me and my health is a priority.

No pity party for me, that is what got me in trouble in the first place 40 pounds ago.  I just have to keep moving forward the best I can.    What I will do is continue to keep working on the diet and I will make sure I get in a walk every day.  What’s another two weeks away in the scheme of a lifetime?

I didn’t write this because I am looking for sympathy – I want you to take a reality check if you are still on the fence about making a change, go ahead and jump off and pick a side.

I know there will be bad days in this journey of life, this is just another bump in the road and confirmation that I need to continue to work on changing me.  Don’t you want to make a change with me?


4 thoughts on “What’s Another Two Weeks in the Scheme of Life?

  1. We all need a reality check now and then. I don’t care who you are. No one “likes” a reality check, but we all need one. You have realized your weaknesses and identified what you need to do. That to me is one of the hardest parts. You have already taken the first step to getting back on track. You can do this! Take the time to do what you need to get healthy so that when you come back to boot camp you can stay! I have faith in you Lisa! Can’t wait to see you back! HUGS!

    1. Well…that was not good news. No wonder you had headaches with blood pressure that high!! I hope the medicine works too, when I forget mine, I get a bad headache 🙂 Once you are able to get your health train going again and reach your weight goal, you will probably also see your blood pressure drop on it’s own.

      I just signed up for Silver Sneakers, that’s right, over 65 and they want you to get moving for your health. It is FREE membership to the YMCA paid by my Medicare Program. Better use it 🙂


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