13.1 – That’s My Goal

Yesterday morning I was able to head back to boot camp!  I was so excited to pick up my fitness routine and start again.  Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back!!!

The night before I was reflecting and at first quite frustrated that I was starting over for the third time, then I decided better to be starting over, then giving up!   When I went out on my injury in July, I was actually starting to feel like I was getting into the groove of running.  I could breathe without my chest burning, my legs were working for me, and I finally felt like I could keep up.

I still remember the morning of the injury when we were running out to the beach and the pace was quick.  I remember having a whole conversation with myself – “damn, I am running really fast”, “maybe I should slow down”, “that’s not my group”, “where’s my group”, “okay Lisa, just do this!” “see how far you can go”.

Oh come on, I know I am not the only one that has these mental conversations.  We all do, that is what keeps us going when we want to stop or what we have to turn off so we can keep going!

Yesterday morning I started with the “Dragonfly’s”  this camp is the Fall Fitness & Marathon Training Camp“.  My intention for this series was to come back slowly from being away from bootcamp for over 8 weeks.  Matt challenged the group that was not set to train for the 1/2 marathon or marathon to step up to the challenge.  Then sent us out with Coach Adam and Coach Christine.

As I headed out with the group, my thought process was “No Way!”.  “He’s Crazy!” (Sorry Matt), Some people just aren’t built to run distances like that.  Yes, people the excuses kept coming in my mind and out of my mouth and then they left my thoughts for a bit as we were working out.

Throughout the workout I felt pretty good.  I can tell I haven’t run in 2 months and will need to get the lung power back, but I know that comes with more running.  I had a great morning and it was fun to be with all my friends, new friends and one of my most favorite people “Jeannie”!

At the end Adam said we should post are goals where we can see them and to write down our “give” for Christine.  Since I was on a mad dash for work, I didn’t process any of my goals till I had some quiet time.  That is when I started to reflect on Matt’s challenge on the half.  Could I take on 13.1?  Do I have what it takes?

I have run the 5k’s  and they are not easy for me and yes I do realize I have to add 10 more miles onto that, but with the group I train with and their support, my hard work  and a will to succeed, I can do it.  I don’t have to be the fastest  I just need to set the goal to finish it.

Set A Goal.

I posted on Facebook to the coaches and told them I was pondering the half and what did they think,  no one said no in fact Adam just kept posting the registration link for me to sign up.  I received lots of support and great feedback and maybe I can even find a training buddy that I can pace with.

I am putting this out on the blog so I’m locked into it as I know me well enough to excuse myself out of it.  I advise anyone that is on the fence on a huge goal to make it public so you have the support.

My Goal  –  to train and complete the 1/2 Marathon

My Give – Learn how to eat properly and train properly for training for a 1/2 marathon

Anyone else out there want to take Matt’s challenge with me?  You can do it and I know a great group you can train with.

Here is the link to register:  https://www.raceit.com/register/default.aspx?event=7019  


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