Damn, Spoke to Soon!

Today, I must have been striving to be a bad ass instead of listening to my body.  Due to my stubbornness I headed to boot camp when my ankle was already hurting from Tuesday.

I chalked it up to muscle pain from Tuesday and wrapped my ankle up tight to be ready for today’s adventure.  I was so excited to be back that I was pushing the pain to the back of my mind and went on with the morning.  Even in the mornings warm-up my ankle was hurting.  I pushed that discomfort aside and kept working through the pain.

When we hit the beach and the sand was super soft, I should have called myself off, but my bad ass side must have been fighting to get out.  The morning was full of challenges, the whole team worked hard today and I love being a part of that.  Way to work it on the beach this morning Sand Fleas!

It’s not up to the coaches to say “Lisa, step away”.  We are all adults.  It’s up to me to listen to my pain and make the decision to keep moving instead of backing down.  It is not giving up if you are injured, it’s part of being an athlete.  Know when to push yourself and know when to back down.

I need to remember there is a difference between muscle fatigue (feeling “the burn”) and  a sharp and uncomfortable pain while exercising which could be muscle or joint pain.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that you’re doing something wrong. Make sure to listen to your body and know the difference.

Today, I should have backed down but I made the decision to keep going.  There is a difference between the pain of working out and the pain of injury.   On the beach I was hurting.  As  I headed home, I knew that I may have set myself backwards.  The minute I took the tape off my ankle, I saw the swelling and it was new swelling, not just swelling from my previous injury.

Lesson learned for me, I will step back and get this ankle under control so that I can move forward in my fitness journey.  On Tuesday, I spoke too soon.  I am not back quite yet, but will be back as soon as I am able to succeed.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long!  I like being where the magic happens in the Outer Banks.




I’m Back in the Game!

Yesterday I headed back to boot camp after 4 weeks nursing a sprained ankle.  I have missed boot camp but knew I needed to give my ankle the time to heal.  The ankle is not 100% but if I didn’t get back to exercise soon I was going to self-combust!

I realized sitting out these past 4 weeks that I need exercise in my life as a natural mood stabilizer and for stress release   Not to mention the benefits to my health and my special friendships with fellow boot-campers who I think of as family.

fitness quotesI headed out to boot camp at the crazy new time of 5:15 (yuck!) but I was ready to go.  Really in the big scheme of things 15 minutes extra of sleep does not make a big difference.  Just another small mental battle.

I had the usual boot camp jitters, but I did not have self-doubt.  I knew going back for my first day, I can only do what I am capable of, nothing more.  As they say getting back on the horse is the hardest part.

I was greeted warmly by so many of my teammates and I was happy to be back!  Thank you to my teammates and coaches for the warm welcome back.

I was relieved when we warmed up around the building that my lungs still worked.  Back when I first started, a lap around the building was stressful to me.

After push-ups and squats it was time to get started.  Our coach headed us out to the street and on our way.  My friend Theresa, was awesome and stayed with me during this run as my body was screaming at me in shock.  Yes, there is muscle memory but first they have to be shocked back into condition!  Theresa stayed with me through the first part of the morning, and it meant so much to me.  She kept the conversation going while I tried to keep moving.   Big thanks to you Theresa!!!

I have no idea how far we ran yesterday, but each part was a push for me to just keep moving.  At times I was successful and at other times I had to remind myself to not be so hard on myself.

The hardest challenge for me yesterday was when we ran a relay drill and we were paired up into groups of threes.  We did part of the race through a gravel parking lot which had me freaking out a little bit as the last time I ran on gravel I sprained my ankle.

I gave it my best, and by the end of round 7 my head and stomach were in agreement that I made the effort.  I have to say up until that point of the morning I held my own.  Then my lack of conditioning caught me and I was challenged as we headed for the beach.

I had to walk a bit with the gang giving it their best back in  injury alley.  The group in the back is amazing, they are doing their best even when it is painful!  Just have to say to the back of the pack people, you rock!  We supported each other to keep moving and doing what we could do.  Thank you Chris for pushing me, when I couldn’t push myself!

Don't give up

Of course at other times when I was actually jogging and saw a walker I shouted out, “if I’m not walking, you can’t walk – I’ve been out 4 weeks”!  Yesterday, was the only day I could throw that phrase out there so thank you for not tripping me!

Do your best.Right before I hit the beach, I actually had a moment when I thought “it’s okay, you can stop.”  Well, I pushed that emotion down and went with “Do Your Best”, thanks to the wise words of my friend Joan.  Those words carried me the rest of the morning, not only the words but the support of my friends and teammates.

My teammates reached out to me in different ways yesterday, from saying hello to an encouraging word.  Extra special thanks to my team of 3-Kami and Jennifer for not leaving me.

That is the beauty of boot camp, the support, the team, the friendships, amazing athletes, with a little boot camp love, sweat and an occasional tear thrown in! I’m happy to be back even if I may be heading up the back of the pack for a while as I am getting back in the game.

Surfing for Autism

I am still on the mend but wanted to share with you an event we attended this weekend in Nags Head, NC.  I have to say it was a workout navigating the sand with a sprained ankle.

I have three fantastic children and I love them with all my heart.  This weekend we celebrated the uniqueness of my sons who are on the Autism Spectrum.  The event we attended this weekend was Surfing for Autism  sponsored by the Autism Society of NC-Outer Banks.

I am having trouble putting into words the experience of this event.  The people who were involved with creating this event are fantastic and the volunteers are out of this world.  I could feel the love all weekend.  Not only love, but compassion and understanding.  On top of that, they gave my children the opportunity to participate in something they would not do on their own.

It was not easy getting our sons to this event.  We were a 1/2 hour late just to attend the “Meet and Greet” on Friday night due to my son’s not wanting to step outside of their comfort zone.   When we finally arrived they had a great time!   We were greeted warmly, the whole family felt at ease and it was nice to visit with friends and make new friends.

Re, Wende and Me at the “Meet and Greet”

The whole family took part in fishing on Jennette’s Pier then we then headed to the beach where my youngest child was able to get comfortable with a surfboard and Mark even explained to him what “Hang 10” was.  My elder son did the usual 12-year-old things including asking when we were heading home.

Rainbow During Dinner
My youngest son with my daughter checking out the surfboard.

When we arrived home that night, both of my sons said they were not going to surf in the morning.  My eldest son even offered to stay home and work on his school book report.  That is the thing about Autism they are very comfortable with a schedule and like knowing what is going on.

The unknown is difficult for them.I even watched a couple of videos that Surfing for Autism posted as well as the social story with my youngest son.    It didn’t help alleviate his fears but it helped him see what would happen the next morning.

The next morning, we faced some of the same challenges getting the boys to leave the house but we finally managed to make it to the beach.  Our youngest was first up to surf at 10:00 a.m. and he said he would not be surfing.  He was actually latched onto my husband with a death grip and would not remove himself.

We met the two surfers and skilled worker and they were fantastic.  Our eldest son volunteered to go with our youngest and surf with him.  (this from the kid that said he wasn’t surfing either!)  

My husband got in the water with our youngest, while our elder son was with the surfers and I was standing with the skilled worker volunteer.  Our eldest son was a natural on the surfboard and was standing after a few tries.  Just have to say watching him with a huge smile on his face brought tears to my eyes.  Well, more then tears a full on cry!

It was awesome seeing him enjoying himself.  Our youngest agreed to get on one of the surfers shoulders and they were able to convince him to ride in on a wave on the surfers back.  The minute he hit the beach he was out of the water and done, but he gave it a try!

On The Shoulders – Photo Credit Ann Marie Haywood
Riding In – Photo Credit Ann Marie Haywood
At the beach – Photo Credit Ann Marie Haywood
And he is out of there! Photo Credit Ann Marie Haywood
And he is out of there – Photo Credit Ann Marie Haywood
Our Youngest with His Surf Partners
Our Daughter

My husband and daughter also had a chance to try out the surfboard as well.  Big thanks for that, my daughter is the one in the family that really wanted to surf so her having a chance made her day!

Since this was our youngest sons time, we were able to come back for round two at 12:00 for our eldest sons turn.  He did great and I was happy that he had a little time earlier as the rain started to come down and he had to get out of the water a littler earlier than expected as the weather was getting a little rough.

Our Eldest Riding a Wave
He’s a Natural! Thank’s Re

Super huge thanks to everyone that helped make this event happen.  I was touched by all the participation and even how far some of the volunteers traveled to take part in this event.

Thank you to our surfers Wenfeld, Pete, Mark and Dawson (not sure of the spelling) and to our two skilled workers that traveled from Haymarket, VA and Elizabeth City, NC.   Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to help.  It means so much that you gave your time to spend with others.

I know this event touched my sons lives and I am super excited that my eldest would like us to run out and buy a surfboard!   This is big as he doesn’t like to leave the house.

I know this event also touched my heart, my husband’s heart and I was proud of my daughter for all the support she shows for her brothers.  I will carry this weekend with me and can’t wait until next summer to participate in this event again.  Well done Surfing for Autism for this fantastic event!  Thank you to everyone involved!

The Family – Photo Credit: Ann Marie Haywood

Facts on Autism:  http://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/facts-about-autism

Symptoms on Aspergers:  http://psychcentral.com/lib/2007/symptoms-of-aspergers-disorder/

Thank You!

I have to say that I am done with the ankle.  I think of myself as a strong person and I can take pain (heck, I deal with my back pain on a daily basis).  But not being able to accomplish anything this week is driving me nuts.  Not to mention the hobbling is creating all kinds of new muscle aches.

Everything I have done is an adventure this week and it takes me twice as long.  Heck, just picking up milk from the grocery store yesterday was a 15 minute process.  Yes, I eyed the motorized cart, but decided the regular shopping cart would hold me up just fine.  Yes, I am stubborn.  I have a hard time asking for help and letting my guard down.  This week has been a lesson in gratitude.

I have also been thankful for everyone that held a door open for me, never knew how challenging a door can be.  The kindness of strangers is amazing.  I am glad this is a temporary bump in the road but one I will remember when I see a person on crutches or anyone that needs a little extra help.

My husband and children have been wonderful this week and I am lucky to have them in my life.  My husband deserves a medal this week!  I am usually a stoic patient, but this week I have been cranky…yes people I do have a cranky side…LOL!  My husband has gone the extra mile and I am lucky to have had him by my side for  20 years.  We are hitting our 15th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and he is a fantastic husband, father and friend.

So a big thank you to everyone from my family, friends and co-workers for helping me out this week.

Hope to see you back on the running side real soon!





Accident’s Happen, I Can Bounce Back!

I had such big plans this week – boot camp on Monday/Wednesday, swimming and softball on Thursday and running the Sandbar 5k on Sunday.  As the saying goes ” The best laid plans of mice and men are often led astray”

I started my morning by picking up my friend Jeanne “which I loved” because we were able to visit on the way to boot camp!   So my morning started off great!  When we hit boot camp we were paired up with Adam’s group and we took off on quite a fast pace towards the beach.  While we were running I was actually thinking “wow, I am running kind of fast for me, maybe I should slow down” then I just decided to see if I could hang with it.

After my little mental pep talk, we did come to a stop up the road so I was happy I hung in there.  We were at a lot across from the beach and we started a short sprint drill back and forth.  I was having fun as I love to know where I am ending and with this drill it is quite close!



After about the 4th series on the way back, my ankle turned wrong and I heard a pop!  First thought was Oh Crap!  Second was, that hurt!  I sat out the rest of the drill and when we headed for the beach I decided to jump back into the work out.  My ankle was hurting, but I wanted to see if I could move on.  When I jumped in the ocean the water felt great, but as we were getting out I looked at my ankle and noticed that the right foot looked strange compared to the left one.

So, first time ever I decided to leave during boot camp.  Let me tell you, never good to injure yourself when you have to walk back.  The whole walk back I was thinking damn, wish my car wasn’t so far away.

I pulled into my driveway at 6:15 and my husband came out and was surprised to see me home so early.  He hooked me up with an ice pack while I elevated my foot.

I felt like I needed to head to work, but the ankle was telling me I needed to take it easy.  We decided to be on the safe side to get my ankle checked out.  I was happy my husband could drive me as even getting home from boot camp was a challenge!

At the urgent care the staff was cracking me up as they have all heard about boot camp and my nurse even told me she wished she could join but the hours didn’t work for her.  The Physician Assistant said “I know it is tough that you are injured but you will be back in no time.  No one has ever been hurt from lying around and being flabby so at least you are out there working on being healthy”.

Long story short, bad sprain, take it easy for two weeks and listen to the pain.  Have the ankle wrapped up, elevated and on ice.   I am so bummed I am missing out the rest of the weeks activities, but better to take care of myself so that I can move forward!

I will miss my team and I look forward to joining you in a couple of weeks!