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I Will Finish

I haven’t written since I have started training for the ½ marathon.   I have been taking time to wrap my mind around 13.1 miles.  I headed back to bootcamp after over 2 months out for my ankle and was going to take it slow, so I surprised myself when I set this goal.  Let’s understand I am the person that was fine with running 5k’s and had no desire to run further.  That changed when I took the challenge to step outside my comfort zone.

This is the first time in my adult life that I have focused on training and have incorporated it into my daily life.  It is a bit overwhelming, but at the same time it feels good to have a plan and support.  The first couple of weeks I have had to work out the kinks of my training schedule to find the right balance between family, work, training and all the volunteer responsibilities I have taken on this year.


MondayStrength Training Day – after the first class I realized that I had a lot of work to do, when we headed back to the weight room I had trouble lifting the bar on the bench presses.  That’s okay, I know that will pass and I will be stronger.

TuesdayBootcamp Day – went back with my old team two weeks ago.  The first week back it was mentally tough on me to be last and I vomited my first day back on the Indian run which has never happened!  Now that I am on my 3rd week back with my original group I finally feel like I am moving forward.

Wednesday – My day of rest – HALLELUJAH!  

ThursdayBootcamp Track DayI don’t know what it is about track day but it freaks me out every week.  I don’t know if it goes all the way back to my high school days over 24 years ago when I ran track and I did it to stay in shape for volleyball.  My race was the 400 and the 400 relay.  It was a love/hate thing.  I still remember how I felt pushing through and how my legs would feel like jelly by the end of the race.  I know track day is 80% mental and I just need to push myself out of the fear of failure zone.

Friday –   Three Mile Run – I am still trying to get this day right.  I coach Go Far and sometimes I am with a running group and sometimes I am not, but it seems on the days I choose to run in the morning I end up running in the afternoon.  Then if I opt out of running in the morning, then I don’t run in the afternoon.  I will keep trying!

SaturdayLong Run Day – I work on Sunday’s so I did not want to designate my long run day on Sunday’s just in case I needed to recover on the couch or the bed for a while!  My first week was a 5 mile run, which ended up being more of a walk.  The second week was a 7 mile run/walk and Jeanne and I kept between a 12 – 13 minute pace.  For the 3rd week I went for an 8 mile run with Ilona, and was able to run the whole 8 miles with Ilona’s gentle push and steady pace.   Until the last couple weeks I have only run 5 miles once and nothing farther than a 5k.

Sunday Rest Day – I originally planned this for a short run day but after placing a call to Matt, it was decided that this is going to be a rest day for me.  I was actually relieved as I have been trying to figure out how to get more rest into my life between working full-time, shuttling kids, wife, Mom and all the responsibilities of life.  I also work on Sunday’s so this allows me to sleep into 7:00 which is awesome!  

From today’s date I have 18 days till race day.  I have gone from being terrified of the half marathon to the realization that I will be able to finish.  Last week Ilona showed me that I had 8 miles in me.  Through my continuous training with Outer Banks Bootcamps I have felt myself becoming stronger.  I am not the  fastest, but I will be ready to take on the challenge on November 11th and I will finish.

supportI also want to take the time to thank my husband for all he is doing to help me train.  Because he takes on the morning routine with the kids I can train early mornings, and sometimes he even takes on the evenings because I can’t stay awake.  I know without his support, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Also want to thank my friends Jeanne, Theresa and Ilona that have taken time to run with me on non-bootcamp days!  It’s the support of friends and family that make a goal like this possible.

Special thanks to the coaches and to Adam for helping me work through the diet, training and any other questions I throw his way!    Matt – words cannot express how thankful I am for you and your belief in me.  Jay – You have me on the goal to discover where the magic happens!

Matt, Jay, the coaches and the bootcamp members make me want to continue to better myself and set my goals to the next level.


I’m Back in the Game!

Yesterday I headed back to boot camp after 4 weeks nursing a sprained ankle.  I have missed boot camp but knew I needed to give my ankle the time to heal.  The ankle is not 100% but if I didn’t get back to exercise soon I was going to self-combust!

I realized sitting out these past 4 weeks that I need exercise in my life as a natural mood stabilizer and for stress release   Not to mention the benefits to my health and my special friendships with fellow boot-campers who I think of as family.

fitness quotesI headed out to boot camp at the crazy new time of 5:15 (yuck!) but I was ready to go.  Really in the big scheme of things 15 minutes extra of sleep does not make a big difference.  Just another small mental battle.

I had the usual boot camp jitters, but I did not have self-doubt.  I knew going back for my first day, I can only do what I am capable of, nothing more.  As they say getting back on the horse is the hardest part.

I was greeted warmly by so many of my teammates and I was happy to be back!  Thank you to my teammates and coaches for the warm welcome back.

I was relieved when we warmed up around the building that my lungs still worked.  Back when I first started, a lap around the building was stressful to me.

After push-ups and squats it was time to get started.  Our coach headed us out to the street and on our way.  My friend Theresa, was awesome and stayed with me during this run as my body was screaming at me in shock.  Yes, there is muscle memory but first they have to be shocked back into condition!  Theresa stayed with me through the first part of the morning, and it meant so much to me.  She kept the conversation going while I tried to keep moving.   Big thanks to you Theresa!!!

I have no idea how far we ran yesterday, but each part was a push for me to just keep moving.  At times I was successful and at other times I had to remind myself to not be so hard on myself.

The hardest challenge for me yesterday was when we ran a relay drill and we were paired up into groups of threes.  We did part of the race through a gravel parking lot which had me freaking out a little bit as the last time I ran on gravel I sprained my ankle.

I gave it my best, and by the end of round 7 my head and stomach were in agreement that I made the effort.  I have to say up until that point of the morning I held my own.  Then my lack of conditioning caught me and I was challenged as we headed for the beach.

I had to walk a bit with the gang giving it their best back in  injury alley.  The group in the back is amazing, they are doing their best even when it is painful!  Just have to say to the back of the pack people, you rock!  We supported each other to keep moving and doing what we could do.  Thank you Chris for pushing me, when I couldn’t push myself!

Don't give up

Of course at other times when I was actually jogging and saw a walker I shouted out, “if I’m not walking, you can’t walk – I’ve been out 4 weeks”!  Yesterday, was the only day I could throw that phrase out there so thank you for not tripping me!

Do your best.Right before I hit the beach, I actually had a moment when I thought “it’s okay, you can stop.”  Well, I pushed that emotion down and went with “Do Your Best”, thanks to the wise words of my friend Joan.  Those words carried me the rest of the morning, not only the words but the support of my friends and teammates.

My teammates reached out to me in different ways yesterday, from saying hello to an encouraging word.  Extra special thanks to my team of 3-Kami and Jennifer for not leaving me.

That is the beauty of boot camp, the support, the team, the friendships, amazing athletes, with a little boot camp love, sweat and an occasional tear thrown in! I’m happy to be back even if I may be heading up the back of the pack for a while as I am getting back in the game.

Great Morning with the Steel Magnolias!


This morning I joined the Steel Magnolias for a make-up bootcamp day.  I always feel right at home with this group as I started bootcamp with them back in October.  What a wonderful, supportive group of women.  Also, bonus they don’t start till 7:00, so I got to sleep in till 5:45!

We met at Club Med where I was surprised to see the Advance Group of Boot Campers running by…Today was their graduation day and they took a different path than Holy Hill.  Congratulations Graduates and special wishes to Dana and Mike for your anniversary date and to Todd for his coaches shirt.

Coach Betsy warmed us up on the beach and then Coach Don let us know we would take the same course as the Sandbar 5k.  We also ran this course for National Runners Day.  I actually like this beach run (liking running is a rarity!) and was happy to take on the run.  Coach Don said we would run at a 9 minute pace, which cracked me up, so I took it at my pace which is not 9 minutes.

I was able to run a few minutes with Lindsey, which was a nice quick visit.  I admire her for working nights, standing for her whole shift and then hitting bootcamp.  That takes determination and motivation.

I am proud to say that I ran the whole time, even though the lower front of my legs were cramping and tight the first mile and a half.  I guess running is not meant to be a pain free sport!

run run run!

As I was running I reflected on the last time I was with the Steel Magnolias and I couldn’t even run for very long.  I realized that I have made huge progress and it felt good to be back where I started.

When I made it back to the group, Don let me know I had run it in 40 minutes which I was happy to hear!  I  finished the morning with 50 crunches, 50 squats and 50 push-ups and then a sprint drill from dune to ocean 3 times.  Best part was cooling off in the water!

Love This!




Thank you to the Steel Magnolias for being such a great group, hope to see you again soon.

Race Photos – Own them!

Today I ran my 9th 5k  in the past year thanks to Outer Banks Bootcamps.  I did much better than last week, but still lots of room for improvement.  Last week I ran the race in 42:20 and today I ran it in 39:52.  This was the exact same course as last week.  I was shooting for a new PR, but a trash truck driving 35 MPH made me almost miss the race.  I made it to the start line with about 2 minutes to spare.

I skipped boot camp this morning so I would perform better, but my legs had issues.  Since I was late for the race I didn’t warm up and throughout the race I had to keep stopping to stretch.  I am happy I bettered my time, just not a new PR.

When I saw the picture from today’s race, I thought I should just post all the scary race photos and out myself as an official scary looking runner.

Yep, Happy I have my sunglasses on, bet my eyes were crazy!
Brindley Beach LIghthouse 5k


Brindley Beach Lighthouse 5k July 18


Sunrise 5k – June 20th – This is my personal favorite because you can’t see my face that usually shows just how I feel.


Shore Break 5k – May 28th – Just love the look on my face versus how happy Re looks!

Must mention that Re and  I had run a 5k not even 12 hours before and also participated in Bootcamp the morning of this race.  

Wine Down 5k – May 27th – used to think this was a bad photo but it is clearly the best!

Well – that’s all the photos I have and I am proud that I ran in every race, so I will own the scary pictures as well since it is a reminder of setting a goal and succeeding!  Not sure when my next race is but I will be sure to post that picture too!


Holy Hill Food Banks Cans

We hit Holy Hill aka Wright Brother’s National Park yesterday for another round of tackling the hill.  We had a larger amount of boot campers and a lot more sweat!  Yesterday was muggy and buggy!  I love now that I am on the journey I can notice the changes I have made from the last time I hit the hill.  Last time it was a struggle to run from the parking lot to the monument, this time running to the monument was just fine!

We were divided into groups at the top of the monument.  Everyone had backpacks which included not only a change of clothes and a towel but also 4 cans of food and two bottles of water.  Our mission was to unload a canned item every time we ran down and then back up the hill.  This would account for a guaranteed 6 trips up and down.  One of our fellow boot campers even brought her father along, a retired colonel and he took on Holy Hill with us.  It was a hi-light of my morning to see him heading up and down the hill.

Me from the Last Holy Hill Adventure – see how far up and down is!

After completing our cycle of going up and down the hill, Matt Costa and Jay Bowman gave a great motivational talk followed by a heart stopper assignment – Matt said “okay everyone you are going to put the can’s back in your pack one at a time and go up and down until all the can’s are gone”.  Oh hell!  What’s a girl to do but grab a can and head on down the hill.  To my relief upon reaching the top of the hill we were told to pack everything up to bring back to the cars.  The great thing about this morning was not only did we have a fantastic workout, we donated all the food to our local food bank.

I am looking forward to what the next adventure brings!

Update – 372.4 lbs of food was delivered to the beach food pantry thanks to the Hammerheads, Bull Sharks and the Clownfish. Thank you Ann Marie for the photo!