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13.1 – That’s My Goal

Yesterday morning I was able to head back to boot camp!  I was so excited to pick up my fitness routine and start again.  Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back!!!

The night before I was reflecting and at first quite frustrated that I was starting over for the third time, then I decided better to be starting over, then giving up!   When I went out on my injury in July, I was actually starting to feel like I was getting into the groove of running.  I could breathe without my chest burning, my legs were working for me, and I finally felt like I could keep up.

I still remember the morning of the injury when we were running out to the beach and the pace was quick.  I remember having a whole conversation with myself – “damn, I am running really fast”, “maybe I should slow down”, “that’s not my group”, “where’s my group”, “okay Lisa, just do this!” “see how far you can go”.

Oh come on, I know I am not the only one that has these mental conversations.  We all do, that is what keeps us going when we want to stop or what we have to turn off so we can keep going!

Yesterday morning I started with the “Dragonfly’s”  this camp is the Fall Fitness & Marathon Training Camp“.  My intention for this series was to come back slowly from being away from bootcamp for over 8 weeks.  Matt challenged the group that was not set to train for the 1/2 marathon or marathon to step up to the challenge.  Then sent us out with Coach Adam and Coach Christine.

As I headed out with the group, my thought process was “No Way!”.  “He’s Crazy!” (Sorry Matt), Some people just aren’t built to run distances like that.  Yes, people the excuses kept coming in my mind and out of my mouth and then they left my thoughts for a bit as we were working out.

Throughout the workout I felt pretty good.  I can tell I haven’t run in 2 months and will need to get the lung power back, but I know that comes with more running.  I had a great morning and it was fun to be with all my friends, new friends and one of my most favorite people “Jeannie”!

At the end Adam said we should post are goals where we can see them and to write down our “give” for Christine.  Since I was on a mad dash for work, I didn’t process any of my goals till I had some quiet time.  That is when I started to reflect on Matt’s challenge on the half.  Could I take on 13.1?  Do I have what it takes?

I have run the 5k’s  and they are not easy for me and yes I do realize I have to add 10 more miles onto that, but with the group I train with and their support, my hard work  and a will to succeed, I can do it.  I don’t have to be the fastest  I just need to set the goal to finish it.

Set A Goal.

I posted on Facebook to the coaches and told them I was pondering the half and what did they think,  no one said no in fact Adam just kept posting the registration link for me to sign up.  I received lots of support and great feedback and maybe I can even find a training buddy that I can pace with.

I am putting this out on the blog so I’m locked into it as I know me well enough to excuse myself out of it.  I advise anyone that is on the fence on a huge goal to make it public so you have the support.

My Goal  –  to train and complete the 1/2 Marathon

My Give – Learn how to eat properly and train properly for training for a 1/2 marathon

Anyone else out there want to take Matt’s challenge with me?  You can do it and I know a great group you can train with.

Here is the link to register:  https://www.raceit.com/register/default.aspx?event=7019  


I’m Back in the Game!

Yesterday I headed back to boot camp after 4 weeks nursing a sprained ankle.  I have missed boot camp but knew I needed to give my ankle the time to heal.  The ankle is not 100% but if I didn’t get back to exercise soon I was going to self-combust!

I realized sitting out these past 4 weeks that I need exercise in my life as a natural mood stabilizer and for stress release   Not to mention the benefits to my health and my special friendships with fellow boot-campers who I think of as family.

fitness quotesI headed out to boot camp at the crazy new time of 5:15 (yuck!) but I was ready to go.  Really in the big scheme of things 15 minutes extra of sleep does not make a big difference.  Just another small mental battle.

I had the usual boot camp jitters, but I did not have self-doubt.  I knew going back for my first day, I can only do what I am capable of, nothing more.  As they say getting back on the horse is the hardest part.

I was greeted warmly by so many of my teammates and I was happy to be back!  Thank you to my teammates and coaches for the warm welcome back.

I was relieved when we warmed up around the building that my lungs still worked.  Back when I first started, a lap around the building was stressful to me.

After push-ups and squats it was time to get started.  Our coach headed us out to the street and on our way.  My friend Theresa, was awesome and stayed with me during this run as my body was screaming at me in shock.  Yes, there is muscle memory but first they have to be shocked back into condition!  Theresa stayed with me through the first part of the morning, and it meant so much to me.  She kept the conversation going while I tried to keep moving.   Big thanks to you Theresa!!!

I have no idea how far we ran yesterday, but each part was a push for me to just keep moving.  At times I was successful and at other times I had to remind myself to not be so hard on myself.

The hardest challenge for me yesterday was when we ran a relay drill and we were paired up into groups of threes.  We did part of the race through a gravel parking lot which had me freaking out a little bit as the last time I ran on gravel I sprained my ankle.

I gave it my best, and by the end of round 7 my head and stomach were in agreement that I made the effort.  I have to say up until that point of the morning I held my own.  Then my lack of conditioning caught me and I was challenged as we headed for the beach.

I had to walk a bit with the gang giving it their best back in  injury alley.  The group in the back is amazing, they are doing their best even when it is painful!  Just have to say to the back of the pack people, you rock!  We supported each other to keep moving and doing what we could do.  Thank you Chris for pushing me, when I couldn’t push myself!

Don't give up

Of course at other times when I was actually jogging and saw a walker I shouted out, “if I’m not walking, you can’t walk – I’ve been out 4 weeks”!  Yesterday, was the only day I could throw that phrase out there so thank you for not tripping me!

Do your best.Right before I hit the beach, I actually had a moment when I thought “it’s okay, you can stop.”  Well, I pushed that emotion down and went with “Do Your Best”, thanks to the wise words of my friend Joan.  Those words carried me the rest of the morning, not only the words but the support of my friends and teammates.

My teammates reached out to me in different ways yesterday, from saying hello to an encouraging word.  Extra special thanks to my team of 3-Kami and Jennifer for not leaving me.

That is the beauty of boot camp, the support, the team, the friendships, amazing athletes, with a little boot camp love, sweat and an occasional tear thrown in! I’m happy to be back even if I may be heading up the back of the pack for a while as I am getting back in the game.

Great Morning with the Steel Magnolias!


This morning I joined the Steel Magnolias for a make-up bootcamp day.  I always feel right at home with this group as I started bootcamp with them back in October.  What a wonderful, supportive group of women.  Also, bonus they don’t start till 7:00, so I got to sleep in till 5:45!

We met at Club Med where I was surprised to see the Advance Group of Boot Campers running by…Today was their graduation day and they took a different path than Holy Hill.  Congratulations Graduates and special wishes to Dana and Mike for your anniversary date and to Todd for his coaches shirt.

Coach Betsy warmed us up on the beach and then Coach Don let us know we would take the same course as the Sandbar 5k.  We also ran this course for National Runners Day.  I actually like this beach run (liking running is a rarity!) and was happy to take on the run.  Coach Don said we would run at a 9 minute pace, which cracked me up, so I took it at my pace which is not 9 minutes.

I was able to run a few minutes with Lindsey, which was a nice quick visit.  I admire her for working nights, standing for her whole shift and then hitting bootcamp.  That takes determination and motivation.

I am proud to say that I ran the whole time, even though the lower front of my legs were cramping and tight the first mile and a half.  I guess running is not meant to be a pain free sport!

run run run!

As I was running I reflected on the last time I was with the Steel Magnolias and I couldn’t even run for very long.  I realized that I have made huge progress and it felt good to be back where I started.

When I made it back to the group, Don let me know I had run it in 40 minutes which I was happy to hear!  I  finished the morning with 50 crunches, 50 squats and 50 push-ups and then a sprint drill from dune to ocean 3 times.  Best part was cooling off in the water!

Love This!




Thank you to the Steel Magnolias for being such a great group, hope to see you again soon.

Welcome to Marathon Express Camp…What!?

Monday Morning I woke up ready to roll for boot camp….until I heard Matt say the words Welcome to Marathon Express Camp.  My first thought was “Oh Hell No!”  but of course it’s boot camp so I wasn’t walking away from that mornings challenge.


Matt had us pair up with a partner and had us sprint to a stop sign, then jog to the next on the longest street in Kitty Hawk.  It was actually a good thing we were partnered up because you can’t give up if you have a teammate with you.  Helen you rocked the morning and I was happy to have you as a partner.  When we finally arrived at our first destination we did 10 crunches which made me want to vomit and then we were sent back to tap the last teammate on the shoulder and give them encouragement.

After we all arrived at the meeting spot Matt gave us some tips on our running style and how we can make things easier.  I know my big thing is picking up my feet, I think I am picking up my feet but truly they are like lead weights and I never get them far off the ground.

After the quick tips we lined up and heading down the road again for Indian Runs.  I can’t say this is my favorite thing to do, but I know that this will help increase endurance and pick up our speed.  When we finally hit the intersection we headed towards the beach….or so we thought!  Let me just say, this was one morning we were praying for the ocean to cool us off.


Matt sent us on down the road with more Indian runs, and I know we lost people to puking.  It was tough and hot.  I know for a fact I would not do this on my own, but when Matt tells you to do something, you do it and believe that you can do it.

After another round of Indian Runs he partnered us up and we had to run arm and arm.  Running beside someone is a challenge, holding onto someone and running is the ultimate test to me.  We ran from stop sign to stop sign and at each stop we did one push up and one crunch with Matt yelling “pick up the pace, we have to get back, we can’t be late.”

I admit by this part of the morning, my mental game was failing me.  The annoying mind was creeping in and saying to me, your hips hurts, your back hurts, your feet hurts…you can quit.  Hate that brain sometimes, I am still looking for the off button in moments like this.

Towards the end with my mental game dragging me down Matt had us do the final push, running in a line your right hand on the shoulder in front of you.  This one is a challenge to me.  You are always either being pushed or pulled while trying to keep up with the group and not step on your teammates.

I admit, I let my mental get to me and I did break away from the group and each time I started straying to far back Matt was yelling at us stragglers to get back in the line and catch the team.  I did catch up, and finished but I would not call it finishing strong.

At the end of camp this morning Matt let us know that we had run a little over 5 miles that morning which was a big deal as I have never run 5 miles.  My cutoff has always been 3 miles.  I left boot camp feeling a mix of emotions about my performance but overall I was proud that I had survived the 5 miles.

I did let the mental game get to me, but that just means that I need to keep working towards overcoming the mental challenge.  When I hit home and pulled off my shoes I discovered that I had at least 3 blisters on each foot, so I am not sure if it is the socks, the shoes or what as I haven’t really had blisters before.

With 5 miles under my belt, I do believe I can do it again!
















Round 4 Here I Come!

My 4th boot camp started this past Monday.  I was so excited the night before I had trouble sleeping…oh ya, that is every night before boot camp!  I recently started a new job and a lot of my co-workers were signing on to take on boot camp.

I am psyched to have an office full of  co-workers joining in the fun.  Now on Monday mornings we can all be high on endorphin’s and body aches.  It will be fun to see the changes headed our way in the next 7 weeks and also accountability with everyone around you working on a give.

I lost a couple of teammates to the more advanced team, but gained some awesome new teammates.  The morning started  with push-ups and then a run to the beach.  I have to say I had a blast on Monday morning, except for the crawling part.  I was relieved to actually have less running on Monday as my hip has been causing me a bit of pain.  I have stretched, iced, applied heat and sent prayers up.  I am sure it is some type of running issue, but I plan to work it out.


The morning also involved a lesson on saving someone in the water, my partner was (the one and only) Matt.  He did a great job saving me but if this was an official save job, Matt might have been doomed with all the waves crashing on him.   I am just lucky I didn’t end up doing a ton of push-ups!

We partnered up a couple of times for sit-ups and digging in the sand.  Digging in the sand was quite fun, felt like a kid again especially when we were instructed to make sure we were hitting our teammate with sand.  This round of boot camp is 7 weeks and I look forward to working on my speed and losing some weight.

At the end of the morning we had a quick pow-wow where Matt was issuing us a challenge to think about taking on the 1/2 marathon or marathon in November.  I think my face say’s it all.

I have to say when I first saw this picture I thought I looked like a drowned rat, then Christine posted it on my wall with the words Skinny!  Thank you Christine – I see the perspective now and it is nice to see the changes I have made!  I can also see the changes my fellow boot campers have made too!

Photo Courtesy of the one and only Christine!

I do have the thought of a 1/2 marathon on my mind, but at this time I am more concerned about swimming a mile with my Olympic Tri Team!  I know I can do it, just need to make the jump.  At the end of this camp, I will let you know what I have decided.  Thanks for sharing my journey with me.